Adonis Baths: How to cool off in Cyprus

One of the best way to stay cool during a heat wave is probably to splash in water. When in Cyprus, one easy way is to go to the beach or stay by the hotel’s pool. One much more interesting and picturesque way is to head to the Adonis baths & waterfalls.

Adonis Baths - Cyprus-main pool and waterfall

The Adonis baths & Waterfalls, are located 16km (around 10 miles) North of Paphos.

Hidden in nature, it is a relaxing place, with beautiful vegetation surrounding the pools. The water is emerald green, the sun shimmers through the trees and the waterfall is roaring in the background.

In greek mythology, Adonis was a demi-God of beauty and desire, associated with nature life, death and rebirth cycle. He was so beautiful that he became Aphrodite’s lover. Aphrodite was the Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.

No wonder why the waters of the Adonis baths, are known to preserve women’s beauty and men’s fertility!

We spent a wonderful, simple afternoon there. Pleasures in life can be simple.  Having fun playing around in the water, jumping from trees and rocks and just hanging around being silly. Sometimes, it’s all you need!



Come along:


Part of the road is bumpy, and despite of the signs indicating the direction, you will doubt you are on the right path. Don’t despair, the place is totally worth the ride.

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - road to

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - road sign

When arriving you will be greated by an impressively tall statue of Aphrodite on the parking lot (its about 10m high!). None of the statues around are ancient but they do add something fun to the place.

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - giant Aphrodite statue

There is fee to pay to enter. I can’t remember how much it was. I saw somewhere it was 9 euros which is possible as I recall it felt a bit expensive. But once there, we weren’t going to turn back so we were happy to proceed.

Adonis Baths - Cyprus-Zeus - entrance

The access to the pool is through the little museum.

Adonis Baths - Cyprus-museum entrance

Adonis Baths - Cyprus- museum detail

The first pool is the biggest and deepest one. Although not that big, it’s the place to splash around, play Tarzan by jumping from the surrounding trees and rocks or just swim a bit. This is highly refreshing as the water coming from the waterfall and beyond is very cool to very cold!

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - main pool from above

Adonis Baths - Cyprus main pool and waterfall 1

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - pool rope

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - main pool waterfall rope

Once you are done there, it is worth walking up to the smaller pool above the waterfall. We had those to ourself and just hang there, lying on the soft rocks and simply enjoying ourselves.

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - second pool

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - second pool

This is the view of the first main pool from above. Jump from there if you dare!

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - main pool from above pool

We went up to the top of the waterfall to enjoy the surroundings.

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - waterfall

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - second pool from above

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - view from the top


Another statue which gets much attention in the area, is the one representing Priabos or Priapus. He was Aphrodite’s son and might even have been Adonis’ son. As such, it is no surprise that he is a fertility God and amongst other things protector of manhood. His representation with an enlarge, fierce and daring member comes to no surprise but promises lot’s of fun pictures and giggles!

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - Priapus

Adonis Baths - Cyprus - Priapus sign


The technical bits: 

The official site:

The water can be really cold. This is spring water, so the flow of the waterfall will vary depending on the season.

It can get really crowded during the week-end.

Jumping from the cliff above the water fall seems possible! We didn’t try!




Another way to stay cool when it’s really hot outside is to go underground…and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing this week-end by visiting the Caves of Han in Belgium. I just can’t wait!!



What will you be doing to cool off this week end?

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