The Best things to do around Lake Bohinj, Slovenia most beautiful lake

Heading to lake Bohinj to spend the week-end is common thing to do in Slovenia. The surrounding area has so much to offer that it is one of the most popular place to go for Slovenians. Here is a non exhaustive list of the best things to do around the beautiful Slovenian lake Bohinj.


Lake Bohinj in Triglav national park, Slovenia - learn more on


Slovenia is one of the greenest country you may visit and the Triglav National Park is truly a little piece of heaven on Earth. Tucked between its mountains, lays lake Bohinj, arguably the most beautiful lake of Slovenia (sorry lake Bled!). It is not only remarkable by its size (4.2 km long), its incredibly pure water, the sheer beauty of its surrounding, the peacefulness of its shores, but also by all the activities it offers.

Yet, lake Bohinj remains a not too touristy destination, maybe due to what looks like a ‘remote’ location when it’s very easy to get there (30-40 minutes drive from Bled).

Here is the list of the things you can do at lake Bohinj:


1. Swimming! 


Swimming is the number one activity! At least in summer 😉

They say the lake temperature is constant and around 20°C (68°F).

I think water temperature is a very personal thing! Mr A. dived into the lake head straight, it took me a solid 10mn to finally get water past my waist! Also, it probably depends of which side of the lake you choose to go to and how deep the area is.

But it was perfect after all. And if you haven’t experience water in Slovenia, you must know something: it is so pure, it will make your skin smooth as a baby butt! 😉

Sunbathing by the lake is also a totally free activity!

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Tip: Both end of the lake have sort of beaches. if you want to be alone go in the middle of the lake either on the south shore or even better on the North one!


2. SUP


Yep! Stand up paddle boards are available on the lake. They are also a few canoes and other boat rides but no speed boats, no engines around to break the quietness of the lake and it is such a good thing!!


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3. Hiking / cycling


There are loads of hiking trails. The one on the North of the lake is perfectly quiet. The South side one if followed by the road but traffic isn’t huge. Round the lake is around 10km.

There are also lots of other trails around and lots of gorgeous rivers to follow.

To find the perfect trail, download the hiking and biking app you can find on the Slovenia website:

Down the river from the Savica waterfall near lake Bohinj, Slovenia - learn more on

The Savica river near lake Bohinj, Slovenia - learn more on


4. The Savica Waterfall


The ‘most visited’ waterfall in Slovenia left me with mixed feelings.

Yes the 2 waterfalls are beautiful and are the tallest around. The surrounding mountains, the creamy color of the limestone contrasting with the mossy patches, the remains of what may have been (or may still be) and electric turbine, the turquoise color of the little lake at the bottom of the falls… It would be totally idillic…. if not for the iron fence preventing you from getting too close.

Savica waterfall near lake Bohinj in Triglav national park in Slovenia - learn more on


Our little trip to the falls, started very well. After passing the small tourist area which includes some small shops and restaurants (with vegan options! yeah!!), we arrived at the below little hut. Despite being a little surprised to have to pay an admission fee (again!), we started the trail with excitement.

The entrance to the Savica waterfall near lake Bohinj, Slovenia - learn more on

My excitement quickly dissolved when I realized that the path was an endless succession of steps. I don’t mind a few here and there, but I wasn’t expecting that the whole way was going to be like this. It just lacks a natural feeling.

The stair path to the Savica waterfall near lake Bohinj, Slovenia - learn more on

Luckily, every now and then, you get a few breathtaking views like the one below.

The view from the Savica waterfall near lake Bohinj, Slovenia - learn more on

And yes the Savica waterfall is very photogenic. But the fence, really?

The Savica waterfall near lake Bohinj in Triglav national park in Slovenia - learn more on
Tip: If you don’t want stairs, hike around the Mostnica River!


5. The Vogel Alpine Village and its Cable Car


Vogel is a sky resort which offers lost of activities in the summer. From hiking, to zip lining & paragliding, it also now has a mountain bike park. The easiest way to access Vogel is to take the cable car which offer breathtaking views of the lake and the Triglav mountains.


6. Dining 


Yeah that’s an important activity!!

There are a few places on the main road of Ribcev Laz but the coolest is called Pod Skalco. You can’t miss the huge tent above it. Solely outdoor sitting. Great vibes, good food!

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7. Need more?

I bet you do! So visit Bohinj official website which show 111 ways to enjoy Bohinj:



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