Blog Update: Road Trip season is on!!

Road trip season is on!

Well ok, but this not solely the topic of this post! My blog update post are more¬†about what’s going on in general on RTatW. These usually include some recap of what you may have missed. A touch of bragging about my latest creations! Some deep thoughts about life ūüėČ various announcements like when Mr A. &¬†I¬†started tango classes because that was majorly important! And much more, but basically, a whole bunch of infos you might or might not want to know about!!

If you are curious, if you have FOMO, if you are intrigued… read on.

If you don’t care, that’s ok, I won’t hold a grudge. But you will miss out!!

RTatW Blog Update: Road Trip season is on! Learn more on



What’s new on RTatW?¬†

If you read my last Blog Update post, or if you are a regular reader, you already know a few things I’m going to talk about, but not all… because as usual, my update posts also include¬†sneak peeks of what is coming!


But first let’s clear a potential issue:

Despite what may seem, I’m not slowing down!!¬†

I know it may seem that I’ve slowed down posting about fantastic castles, cathedrals and other wonderful places. To be fair, ¬†it is the case as I went from 2-3 post a week to a single post a week, at least the past couple weeks.

The reason is that I’ve been busy with 2 other things: new maps &¬†guides and behind the scene updates!

This slow down is not linked to a shortage of castles, cathedrals, UNESCO World Heritage sites for me to talk about! Do not worry!


New Maps

In case you missed it, I published a Paris Walking Tour Map and I think it is epic! I mean it, look at it!! ūüėČ I really wanted to get this out for Spring because Spring time is the best season to visit Paris.

Notre Dame de Paris took me something like 4 to 6 hours to draw so yeah, those maps are becoming real time suckers, but I love doing them so I’ll keep doing them.

Paris Walking Tour - Free Map to download - Only on Road Trips around the World -

As usual this Paris walking tour map is free to download.


Now,¬†there is another map I’ve been working on, which will be out soon and this one is for a road trip in a little country which has the most impressive collection of Medieval Castles you can imagine. It’s almost hard to believe!!

Here is a sneak peek!

And I’ve already started the next one after that! There is no stopping me!!


New Mini Guide

Again, because Sprint time is here, I really wanted to publish this new mini guide about trees. A perfect companion for your next hike, this mini guide will help you recognize trees by looking at their leaves.

I know it’s different from my other mini guides which are all about architecture but this should tell you that you can expect more diversified subjects in the future. Although I do have more architecture guides coming!

Below you will see one of the 2 pages of this new guide. Again and as usual, it is completely free to download!


Behind the scene updates?

Creating and running a blog is technically fairly easy nowadays. At least for the basics. When you are stuck with something a bit more challenging, you can always look for it and find thousands of articles which will explain what to do. It is great, because along the way, you learn new things, new best practice. You discover new tools, to make your site run smoother, to make it look better and maybe even more interesting.

There is however a pit fall to learning more and more: it becomes a never-ending quest toward perfection! I will easily admit I felt into the trap, a few weeks back.

When you have a new blog with just a few articles, these are easy to update and it remains fairly quick. When you have an older site with hundreds of articles, an ‘update project’ reaches a totally different level of commitment.


Updating your site & updating your content is very important.

Yet, creating new content is far more important.


I’ll go into more details on this soon, in my¬†UPGRADE¬†series.

And, I’ll do what I preach and resume to posting fresh content!



One last thing: Road trip planning! 

If you are planning your next road trip like I am (OMG! Yeah!!), you may want to check out the cute check list¬†I created to make sure you don’t forget anything, if your trip includes some camping.

You know the drill by now, it’s free to download!

Camping packing check list - free to download on


If you need more tips and advises for your next road trip, I have a whole section on how to road trip like a pro and how to stay green on the road. Check them out!


Final Notes…


My next blog update post won’t be before September because I will be on the road a good part of the summer!

Give a thumb up to RTatW¬†on Facebook¬†because who knows, I may do live videos soon!¬†Or Instagram¬†where I might share silly stories…

I hope you have the best summer ever!



Dear Fellow Road Trippers and Earth lovers,

Do share the love with your friends and tell them about RTatW and its amazing content! 



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