Blog Update & Other Exciting News!

Dear Readers,

Many thanks for stopping by and huge thanks for coming back!! I’m truly honored and so glad that you like my blog!

Today, I just wanted to share with you a few updates as you might have noticed some changes around here and are wondering what’s going on!

Blog Update -

New Home page! 

Hope that you noticed some major changes on Road Trips around the World? Yep, I have a new home page!!!

I know it feels a little bizarre. At least it does to me.

And it is still a work in progress. There is still a lot to do, to make it look the way I want! But it’s going to be great, I promise. If you just want to see the blogroll you can always click on ‘Blog‘ in the top menu.

My shop is gone for now, it will come back soon!!


A huge clean up!!

There is one mistake I made when I started blogging (amongst many others 😉 ) , that I wanted to correct as soon as possible. I knew the longer I waited, the worst it would get. What was that mistake? Not thinking my Categories and Tags appropriately. With time, I ended up with over 50 different categories and close to 200 tags. Ridiculous!!

So yep, I did the big clean up and now have 8 categories and less than 50 tags!


This means I went back to my 100 or so posts and re-categorized and re-tagged all of them. For you my dear Readers, it should mean an easier access to related posts and more relevant results when searching specific things on the blog.


A little tiny improvement: I have a Favicon!

You may have notice, in which case, this means you are very attentive to details or have very good eyes… I have a favicon!!

What’s a favicon? It’s the little icon that shows in the URL bar when you type a website address:
Capture d’écran 2016-02-10 à 10.27.21

Mine is a little car of course! It’s not perfect, not super visible, but I’m still going to auto-congratulate for this achievement, no matter how tiny it is!! ? ? ?

How did I do that, you may want to ask?

Well let me tell you!

I used as recommended by WordPress in this post and it worked like a charm.

Note that, before importing the image, I cleaned my logo extensively to simplify it as much as I possibly could. I created the original logo using Adobe Illustrator so I went back to it and deleted all the details I could. If you import a complicated image, you will get just a blurry confusing mess and you will have much more work to do in Although playing with pixels is kind of fun, in that case, you might as well just start with a blank canvas.

A Favicon should be 16 x16 pixels. That is not a lot of pixels! I only created the 32 x32 so far, because I just couldn’t manage 16 x16. I will have to rethink my favicon completely to manage something smaller!

Why did I create a Favicon? Well because I wanted one of course! It just looks rad 😉


I told you in my 2016 Goals setting post that I was going to work on a newsletter. Well that hasn’t happened yet. I’m still figuring it out… I know, I know, it’s not that difficult…. but it’s not just that. It is partially because I haven’t managed, but it’s also because I want it to be special and well… perfect !! And perfection takes time! ?

So for now, do not hesitate to subscribe, but don’t worry if it looks like nothing happens.

And if you want to tell me what you would like to see in my newsletter, do comment below!


Other news? 

We did manage our Valentine’s gateway in Berlin. It was great!! Can’t wait to go back and can’t wait to share with you. Our visit to Vegan Avenue is on the blog as well as out visit of the Berliner Dom. Check those out! And come back to see the other great things we visited and the things I recommend.

We brought back from Berlin the most improbable things! I do have to show you as well!!

Paper Deer -

Next, I’m planning our trip to Petra. Aaaahhhh so much excitement, I can barely contain!!


Coming soon? 

I’m working on a very very special road trip itinerary. Lots of castles and incredible places to visit. It’s almost finished… might publish it next week actually…  you don’t want to miss that one!!

Lot’s of hints on the first picture of this post, of what’s coming soon  😉



That’s all for now, have a lovely week end and don’t forget to go out and explore! 


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