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Hello there!

So?! You are a little bit curious and would like to know what's up, on this little corner of the web? Well, I am a little bit shy but I do, every now and then share with you some personal things, the struggles life throws at me, what travel destination made me oh sooo happy, what plans I have, the ones that have failed and other stuff. 

In my BLOG UPDATE series, I also share some sneak peeks into what's coming on RTatW. Not a whole lot though, as those I keep for my lovely Newsletter readers! You should join if you extra curious 😉 Plus you'll get access to exclusive content! Sign up form is just there, on the right, I'll be waiting for you!

As I've mentioned before several times, I'm not full time on the road. My partner, known as Mr. A has a regular job. On my side, I have clients to keep happy, as I'm an independent consultant. This still leaves me with some time to work on Road Trips around the World, my mini guides series the maps I create, to inspire you to discover the World as well as my other projects.  

Things change often, because life is like that. So if you want to keep up, have a look at the below blog updates. You might even have a good laugh! 

Road Trip Blog Update - learn more on RoadTripsaroundtheWorld.com


RTatW Blog Updates (the most recents being on the top!)