British Etiquette 101

Ah, British Etiquette! Entire books and blogs are dedicated to this incredible topics. And now Heathrow airport has asked no-one else but Stephen Fry, to be the official ambassador of this great nation. I laughed so much watching the greeting video they made, that I had to share!

British Etiquette 101


You got to love the British witty sense of humour, it is so delightful and amusing! Watch the master of All, Stephen Fry, in the video below and learn how to deal with the most mundane situations, like real Brits do!



If you’re planning a trip to the UK, you got to get ready to enter a World of passive-aggressive quirks and foibles. It’s a bit hard to follow sometimes but this video, gives you super tips on how to handle yourself!

There might be a few additional rules you will want to know and follow:

The Afternoon Tea 

  • The tea goes first. You can then add either lemon or milk, please don’t mix!!
  • Stirring a cup of tea is done gently and noiselessly. The teaspoon shouldn’t touch the sides of the cup.
  • Once the stirring is done, don’t leave the spoon in the cup, place it on the saucer.
  • Swirling is not ok. This is tea, not wine!
  • Use the tea cup handle, but don’t raise your little finger when holding your cup.
  • Don’t put a used napkin on the table before the meal is over. If you must leave the table for a short break, put your napkin on your chair.


Having scones with your tea?

  • Use your knife to cut the scone into two halves.
  • The jam goes first and is then topped by the clotted cream.
  • Don’t make a sandwich with the 2 half scones. Eat them separately!
  • Don’t use your dirty spoon to dip into the jam or cream dish… it’s just gross.



Common sense, don’t you think!!



  • Brits don’t kiss or hug! A good, firm handshake is preferred, except if you’re meeting with dear friends of course.
  • “Do you need help, love?” Huuumm???? Well actually, this is ok. To be called “love”, “dearie”, or “darling”, in stores, is very common and is not flirting. Common sentence include: “Anythings else I can do for you, dearie?” “Will this be all for you today, Darling?”….



Urgent needs? 


  • In public places, you should ask where the Ladies or the Gents are! Not the toilets, not the restroom….



Public Transports

  • Please, please, PLEASE, stand on the right side of the escalator!! And keep your suitcase to the right as well of course.




For a good laugh and a full understanding of the British Etiquette rules, you should read:

Watching the English: the Hidden Rules of English Behavior by Kate Fox.



Got a very important British Etiquette rule to add? 

Comment below!! It’s free



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