Travel with Coconut oil: a space saver in your suitcase!

When packing, one of the most difficult thing to fit in your suitcase, is probably your toiletry bag.  Try Coconut Oil and travel with a little jar, to save space in your toiletry bag and your suitcase!!

Travel with Coconut oil to save space in your suitcase -

Picture the scene: You packed all your clothes neatly (rolled or flat style, that’s up to you) and you are confident to have saved enough space in between your skirts and bikinis for your toiletry bag. Unfortunately, when you realize that such toiletry bag is much bulkier than you thought, but you can’t think of anything to remove from it, you decide to still squeeze it in, as gently as possible but you are still risking the terrible shampoo leak… you finally close the suitcase, and try to forget about it until you reach your destination! Sounds familiar?

Well Coconut Oil is your savior!! Travel with Coconut Oil and save lots of space in your toiletry bag.


Coconut Oil benefits? 

Coconut oil has been all rage for sometimes now as we seem to re-discover all the benefits it has.

Coconut oil has antioxidant, anti-aging, antimicrobial & anti-fungal properties as well as many health properties like fat burning, brain boosting & wound healing.

It is packed with vitamine E which is so good for your hair and skin and is predominantly composed of all sorts of healthy saturated fatty acids.


Coconut Oil use

  • Got a rash? Some mild irritations? Put some Coconut Oil on it.
  • Bug bites? A bit too ‘sun kissed skin’? Coconut Oil will help reduce the itch and repair the skin.
  • After a week of sea and sun, your hair start to look a bit dry? Do a Coconut Oil mask.
  • Got dry lips? use as natural chap stick. it tastes good too!
  • Did you run out of make up remover, yes you can use your Coconut Oil!
  • Forgot your shave cream? Yes you got the idea… replace by Coconut Oil.
  • You can also use for sexy massage 😉 Next, you might be tempted to use it as lube, but remember it’s not compatible with latex condom…


So basically you can save space in your toiletry bag by replacing your make up remove, moisturizer, shaving cream, hair conditioner, foot cream, hand cream, chap stick, scrub (just add sugar and scrub away!) bug bites / irritation  creams …. by a single jar of Coconut Oil. Isn’t that amazing?

And the jar doesn’t need to be huge. A little oil will go a long way. Of course, if you are already an oil pulling adept, you will need to bring a bit more.

Travel with Coconut oil -

Added bonus of Coconut Oil

The added bonus of Coconut oil is that it goes solid under 76 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius. Depending on where you travel of course, the risk of leakage is very limited when in solid form!

And if you are a first time user, don’t worry, the oil will liquify when in contact with your skin.


How to choose your Coconut Oil 

Coconut Oil has become such a huge market that there are now an incredible amount of labels.

It’s really hard to give advise and the info available on internet isn’t consistent. A few tips:

  • Organic – I always choose organic products. For Coconut Oil, it might not be so important as there seems to be no GMO varieties of coconuts, and there are very few pesticides used on coconut trees.
  • Refined vs unrefined / virgin: Avoid RBD Coconut Oil at all cost. Apart from that, it seems, that all oils are somehow refined, virgin ones seems to be less. Although there seems to be no standard for what’s virgin and what’s not and no difference with the extra-virgin ones.
  • Avoid anything that has been hydrogenated. No brainer here!
  • Cold Pressed / Expeller pressed / Raw / Wet-Milling fermented oil: very hard to tell in my opinion!! You kind of need a PhD in coconuts to understand all the studies done on which is best. My take: See what’s available in stores around you and taste them.
  • Fair Trade: It’s always nice to know that your purchase has a positive impact for someone.








Coconut oil is a bit magic!

It can be used in so many different ways and smells so good, it’s hard to find a natural product that does more.



PS 1: These are not medical advise. I’m not a doctor and do not intend to give medical recommendation. For anything that looks too serious, do seek medical advise!

PS2: Above links are Amazon Affiliated links. If you buy one of those products, I will get a small communion at no extra costs to you. 



What’s your favorite Coconut oil?

Tell me in the moment below! 



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