Destination: Italy!

Pasta are screaming my name!! I’m so excited to be in Italy! In Milano to be precise.

I have had the opportunity to come to Milano several times in the past years but most of the time it was for a quick business trip. This time is going to be different!

You see, once a year I take my niece on a Girls’ trip or more precisely a shopping trip! Last year we were in London for example and this year we chose Italy! My credit card is going to hate it just as much as it hated London, I know! But what a blessing!!

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After a few days in Milano, we’re going down to Florence and then to Rome.

What am I most excited about?

Well apart from spending quality time with my niece and having fun, I’m really excited to have the opportunity to go to the Universal Exposition. It feels kind of a once in a life time chance. I’m also super interested by this year theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Head over to if you want to know more.

We’re going to make a fairly quick stop in Florence. I haven’t been for a long time and since the historic center is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, I can’t wait to take thousand of pictures and discover this city again.

Finally in Rome, and this may sound silly, I’m super happy to stay in the Trastevere area. Last we were there with Mr A, we discovered this area of town on our last night and it felt so right, so cool, that I’ve been dreaming of going back!

I’m gonna have so much to catch up on when going back home!!

Ciao for now!!

Enjoy the rest of the summer.