Canada Road Trip


One of our very first road trip took us from New York, Boston and Salem to Canada. We went up to Montreal and back down to Ottawa and Toronto coming back to New York passing via the Niagara Falls. A great itinerary if you ask me!!


Not so long ago, we stayed for 2 weeks in Toronto. Mr A. had to work a bit so I took this opportunity to explore the city. We also managed to go up North for a few days. We stayed in the lake district around Muskoka and the timing was perfect to enjoy the indian summer. Of course we also went back to the Niagara Falls!


Since I haven’t written a single article¬†on these trips yet, here are a few pictures !

Toronto - Canada -

Toronto skyline - Canada -

I just love this picture! I was a ferry on the way to the Toronto islands when this plane made its decent to the airport. Had about 2 second to take this!!

Streets of Toronto - Canada -

The contrast between certain neighborhood and the city center is quite something.

Toronto by night - Canada -

Yep we went to the CN tower at sunset and got to admire the city from high above! The best time to visit if you ask me.

Lake district - Canada -

The famous Muskoka chairs

Lake district city view - Canada -

Just a street!

Morning at the lake district - Canada -

Sunrise by the lake. So peaceful, so perfect. (and not to many mosquitoes at that time of the year!)

Indian summer at the Lake district - Canada -

Indian summer - Canada -

Indian summer, Canada -

Niagara Falls - Canada -

The Niagara Falls - Canada -