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So weird!! I realize I haven’t told you much about our road trip in the US! Our different road trips actually! Why oh why? Don’t know!!?!

Road trips in the US is an institution, it is a part of the way of life, it is a mandatory passage way to adulthood, a way to get over any of the bad & worst things life throws at you, it is a liberating experience… When you get a taste of it, you never want it to end.

One of our first road trip in the US started from New York. No we didn’t head West, we went North! A bit unusual I’m guessing but we wanted to go to Canada!

Our second big road trip together looked very similar to the one on the map below. The most perfect itinerary, the most perfect & mesmerizing landscapes and incredible memories. I would drive along this route again and and again and would never get bored.

In fact I’ve done it more than once 😉

Road Trip in the US - The best itinerary for the best Road Trip - Lean more on Road Trips around the World -

This map (hand drawn for you!) gives you an idea of what will come on this blog… But I lived in the US for 3 years, so there will be much more than that!!


Here are some random pictures to keep you waiting:


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