Hiking in the Mullerthal, one of the most spectacular region of Luxembourg

The Mullerthal region is one of the most spectacular region of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a hiking paradise. Nicknamed the  Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, it displays incredible rock formations which you simply wouldn’t expect to find there.

To be fair, Luxembourg may be tiny but it is a country full of surprises. It boats such diversity. Diversity in people, in culture… and most importantly for this piece, diversity in landscape. As you know, I’m currently calling Luxembourg my home and despite this, I realised that I don’t talk about it much, when I really should!

So here it is! Today I’m taking you to the Mullerthal region and soon I’ll show you other areas which I also love.




The Mullerthal Trail


The Mullerthal trail is 112 km (70 miles), split in 3 different routes which each have their specificities. Romantic valleys on route 1, out of this world landscape on route 2 and dreamy castles on route 3. But let’s admit, 112 km is pretty long! Chances are that if you made it to Luxembourg or considering visiting, you are not planning to spend 3 or 4 days hiking. Chances are you’d rather see a little bit of everything Luxembourg has to offer: the charming cities including of course Luxembourg, the medieval castles like Vianden and the landscapes.

To understand what makes Mullerthal so special, you can choose one of the 2 below little hikes. With those, you are sure to have a nice time and some Instagram worthy pictures!


Itinerary 1: A walk along the Aesbach river 


From Echternach, drive toward Berdorf and park at the Perekop parking which is about midway. From there, follow the Aesbech river toward Berdorf following the signs to Hohllay.

This part of the trail is fairly easy. As you follow the river through the gorge, you will be surrounded by gorgeous rock formations and beautiful nature. On a sunny summer day, you will particularly appreciate the cool air and moist provided by the river, the moss adorning the rocks and all the vegetation. On a cold winter day, it might however freeze your bones!



You will soon reach Hohllay, the hollow rock. If let your mind wander, you may start thinking this might have been a place of bizarre worship and you may even start to find meanings in the weird shape carvings. Hohllay was actually just a mine, sorry to disappoint!



Next to it, you will find the Breechkaul Amphitheater. The perfect place to relax and have a break. This amphitheater is still used today and concerts are organized there. Go ahead, I know you want to, stand on the scene and sing something. The acoustic is actually really good, I tested it for you!



I usually don’t like one way hikes, I prefer doing loops than walking the same path again. With this itinerary, it’s actually nice to go back and see the landscape with a different angle.

If you still want to walk a bit, when reaching Perekop again, you can continue toward Echternach to the Labyrinth… it’s very close and fun. Don’t expect a real labyrinth, it is the name of the rock formation and yes, it is easy to hide but I doubt you will get lost in it!



Itinerary 2: Walking around the Predigtstuhl – the Pulpit 


From Berdorf, follow road 364 to Grundhof and part at the Pulpit. You really can’t miss it.

There are numerous possibilities of hikes from there, but my favorite side is through the Werschrummschlüff (accross the road from the Pulpit). After going up, you can chose to go down in the forest, or follow the path along the wall of limestone rock like if you were following the curtain wall of a castle, trying to find a secret entrance.


There is something truly enchanted about this area, like if giants had lived there and built fortresses of which only these huge walls remain. Or maybe this forest was home to some powerful sorcerers or witches. I swear, I saw the face and body of a knight in armor, in one of those rock. He must have been turned to stone and will remain there, petrified for eternity. Ok, maybe it’s just me and my crazy imagination, but we’ll never know for sure!



Bonus: the Schiessentümpel waterfall 


The Schiessentümpel waterfall is the emblem of the Mullerthal region. It is located on  route 121 very close to Mullerthal (the town). It is obviously a must see.

However, it isn’t really my favorite place to hike because 1- there are often too many people and 2 – it is right by the side of the road. It’s a small road, not a highway, but I still prefer quieter areas where I can hear the wind in the trees, and the birds, and let my mind wander…



The Technical bits: 


The official websites are: www.mullerthal.lu and www.mullerthal-trail.lu

One app that is super useful when hiking in Luxembourg is the Geoportail.lu app (or here for the Android user link). This app shows you all the trails in Luxembourg and is a must have. It’s free.

The drive from Luxembourg city to Echternach is easy and takes around 1 hour. Trains also run regularly.

If you are looking for camping / glamping accommodations. Check this out:  www.camping-martbusch.lu

Youth Hostels in Luxembourg are pretty cool and offer special transfer services from one to another which can be super useful for serious hikers and bikers: youthhostels.lu

You know the drill, right? Wear appropriate shoes and be safe!



Did you like it? Than check out my other favorite hiking place in Luxembourg: the Red Rocks!  



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