Itineraries for a Road Trip In Turkey

I like to drawn and I like maps. So I thought I should draw maps of our little road trips! It’s a great souvenir.

So here is the map for a road trip in Turkey. Hope you like it!

Itinerary for a road trip in Turkey

If I was scrapbooking, I would definitively add a map like this to my each of my books. Maybe it’s something I’ll do in the future?!

But writing a blog is for me a form of scrapbooking. It helps me keep the great memories of the fantastic places we visited as well as the little things, the good, the bad, and the in-between…


So what’s in this itinerary?

Well, it includes spending at least a week exploring Istanbul and then heading to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. There are so many places to stop along the way, it probably takes 2-3 weeks to reach Antalya. Stopping along the way to Pamukkale is just mandatory even if a little bit off the tracks. From Antalya, going to Cappadocia is a no brainer. From there, you can make your way back to Istanbul, stopping in Ankara of course. But maybe you’ll chose to explore the East of the country? I’d love that too.

The little stars shows site that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Can’t miss those!!

Perge isn’t on the list (yet?!) but I love my little drawing of it!!

This road trip would take quite a while and unfortunately we didn’t have an unlimited amount of time when we went to Turkey. We had just 2 weeks. Because things were a bit rough in Istanbul when we went, we chose to stay in the South of the country. So our actual itinerary was the one on the map below. Roughly 2,000 km. We took our time, enjoyed a few days in each destination. And enjoyed the ride just as much!


South Turkey road trip itinerary


Voila! Hope you like those maps!

If you haven’t checked out the one I draw of my perfect road trip in the West USA, you should! It’s here.



Please tell me in the comments below if you like maps as well?

And do tell me what’s your ideal itinerary in Turkey if you have been or planning to go!

It’s free!!



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