If you left a message on this blog recently and can’t see it, please read on

If you left a message on this blog recently and can’t see it, it probably means I delete it and I’m sorry.

I came back from Brussels last week end and had over 1,000 spams in my inbox which had not been automatically sorted as spam. I therefore had to do it manually and, in the process, I probably deleted some genuine comments. Again, I apologize.

Roadtripsaroundtheword.com - readers

Dear Readers,

I value you, I would truly like to hear from you more. I would like to know what you like on this blog, what you don’t like, where you’ve been, where you would like to go… I would like to know if I can help you with anything. Some planning? I’m pretty good at that!! 😉 Something else you want to know?

The comment section is yours and is here for you. 


Unfortunately as stated above, I have been spammed a whole lot recently so I had to take actions! First I deleted all the latest messages in bulk. It still took me hours to do so. Second, I had to close the comment section on all the posts which are older than 30 days, to limit the amount of further spams. I’m looking into this and hope to find a better solution in the near future.



Some advise on how to use the comment section if you haven’t done so yet:

Roadtripsaroundtheword.com - comment sections

Well I’m not saying you need advise to comment on a blog, but since bloggers all chose different options, I wanted to clarify, how my comment section works:

  • With the little icons showing below the “leave a reply” line, you can connect with your Facebook, Google+, etc… accounts. But you do not have to if you don’t want to.
  • You do not have to state your name although of course it would be nice to
  • You do not have to give your email address
  • You do not have to have a website to comment
  • So basically the only part you have to fill is the comment box!

I don’t think it gets easier than that!! Of course you need to click on the green ‘Post comment’ box once your done!!

Since this is my blog, I’m responsible for its content and take this very seriously. I therefore review all the messages posted and that’s why, once you click on the ‘post comment’ box, your message won’t appear right away below the corresponding post. I need to approve it first, before it appears. Moderation is not the most fun part of blogging, I must say, but it’s necessary and I usually do it once or twice a day.

In normal circumstances i.e. when I don’t get 600 spams a day, I reply to every comment.

I hope this helps! So please go ahead, try it and leave a comment 😉


So, you are still wondering what the map showed above and below is? 

Well it’s you! And this is my favorite statistic on this blog, the map that shows where you are from. I’m very very proud to know that you are from almost every country in the world! I feel so honored and blessed that you stopped by, and I feel even more blessed when you are choosing to come back. Thank you!!


Roadtripsaroundtheword.com - readers

What are you waiting for? Try the comment section!!! 


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