Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the mildly adventurous Moms

Are you looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mom or your partner?

Is she adventurous but … not too much?! Then those gift ideas are for you! They are about getting out, yet remaining comfy! They are about these little things that you can bring on, which make you feel a little bit at home when travelling.


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Gift ideas for picnic lovers

Are you picnic lovers? Than those picnic sets are great!. If you’re not yet into picnics, than these might help you make the jump. I believe the best picnics are the ones where you go on a nice hike, find the perfect spot with the best view, preferably alone, and set up your simple ‘camp’ for the afternoon. Picnics can be sooo romantic! But you need to have the right tools. Not too many (there is nothing romantic about carrying around your ‘portable’ table and barbecue) but the right kind. Some nice


This compact picnic set for 2, which includes plates, cutlery and even a wooden board and napkins just needs to be completed with glasses and wine!

Easy to carry in your backpack, it’s not too fancy so you still have a ‘rustic’ feel when outdoor, yet you will still be eating in style, not on plastic or paper plates.




The alternative for a picnic for 4 is this backpack which includes everything for 4 and even a bottle cooler!

This backpack even includes the fleece blanket.


Your picnic set needs to include a blanket so you can comfortably lay down on the floor.

I’m not a huge fan of the ones which have a waterproof back because this means plastic of course. Quite frankly we always chose a spot which is dry anyway!

I much prefer simple blankets like this one. It is 100% organic cotton, big enough for 2 and can be used in lots of different ways: beach towel, comfy wrap, yoga mat… multiple purpose is always better!


I love it when, in summer time, we go for diner picnics. Those are the most romantic ones but one thing can ruin everything: mosquitoes! If you’re going to stay late and watch the sunset, bring some bug repellant and why not as well some citronella candles? They will help with your mosquitoes problem and set a lovely mood!

Those are organic and made from soy beans. They are recommended for indoor use but the good thing about them is that they come in a jar which you can close. Very practical when you need to carry it and the wax is still melted.


Gift ideas for hikers


If your mom likes hiking but is not too comfortable with rough paths, why not get her some nordic walking poles? Those retractable ones are great and cork handles are very comfy.

Nordic walking is excellent exercise and it really helps alleviate any back pain that can be felt during hikes.



When going on a hike, one super fun thing to do is to forage for edible wild plants. You can probably find a guide in your region to teach you and your mom or your partner, the art of foraging (and that’s a pretty nice gift too!) but getting a book first might help get a good idea of what plants to look for.

This guide is specific to US plant. I’m sure you can find one specific to your country.

Additional tips on how to go foraging: bring a good knife, several bags to not mix up your findings and even gloves in case you want to bring back some urtica. They make for super healthy soups but they sting like hell!



Gift ideas for the artists


When travelling, sometimes you just need some ‘me time’ to relax. A good book will help of course but if your mom read it all, think of adult coloring books! 

There are plenty of them available nowadays. This one is a little bit special as it is hand drawn and includes a variety of animals, flowers, and mandalas. Very inspiring and a nice way to relax. Coloring is almost like meditation and will help your mom find peace in her busy life.





You should get her the pencils and pouch to carry these arounds with the book. You won’t break the bank here, as these are very affordable but by giving her the book and the tools, you’ll make sure she actually does use your gift.



Gift ideas for tea lovers on the road


When travelling, there are those little things that make you feel at home. For me it’s having tea in bed after a long day of exploration. I travel with a mini kettle because it’s amazing how many hotels don’t provide such a simple tool.

This small kettle is a life saver!! It doesn’t take too much space in my suitcase and I put my mug and tea bag inside when not in use (and once it has cooled off, of course!!).



To take your mom tea ritual to the next level, you may consider getting her a tea set like this one. A porcelain teapot and teacups and a little bamboo tray in a carry bag!! How cool is that!!




And for matcha tea lovers, this gift set seems perfection!!






Gift ideas for the ones in need of relaxation


Travelling is great! but travelling can also be a bit stressing! Why not get a calming eye mask? This one by SOL Organics is obviously organic and is fair trade certified. Can be used hot of cold to relieve stress and relax.

Bonus: you can of course use it at home too!! 😉

One thing I always travel with is a set of essential oils and I thing little sets like this one make for great gifts. Of course you can always create your own by selecting your favorite oils, or the most useful ones.

Mine always includes, lavender for relaxation and to use as bug repellant, peppermint for stomach aches, tea tree for disinfection, eucalyptus in case I catch a cold and to clear my sinus. Those are my go to. Sweet orange, bergamote or lemon are nice to have as well especially when the smell in your hotel room is not to your liking!

The jewelry you can wear even when you are travelling

I couldn’t make a list of gift ideas without including some jewelry!!

I don’t buy new jewelry anymore, mostly for environmental reasons.  Antique jewelry are so much nicer anyway and are so much more unique!

The one exception I make are for stone bracelet like the ones pictures below. First of all because when travelling, I try to not take fancy pieces with me but I still want to wear things I like. And those I love! Second because those stones are supposed to have special properties. The Tiger Eye stone is for protection, the hematite for grounding and clarity, the aventurine is the stone of opportunity… Each color and each stone brings something. Chose the ones you want!! It can’t heart to have luck on your side 😉












The alternative option: 

If your mom isn’t the adventurous type at all, and you are the one travelling and want to give her a little piece of your adventures, why not have some of your Instagram pictures transformed into magnets? Follow the link:



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