Non material gifts ideas for travelers

You haven’t found the perfect gift for the special someone? Fear not, here you will find non material gifts ideas which will please your travelers friends and probably the others as well!

Non mateiral gift ideas for travel lovers -


Finding the perfect gift is hard, finding one that is eco-friendly, meaningful and minimalist is even harder! Without counting their packaging, gifts represent an important source of waste especially when a poor gift selection ends up in the garage, unused and unloved. One way to give without compromising on your eco-side, is to chose dematerialized presents for your friends and family.

The goal here is to please a special someone but still reduce the amount of waste produce with presents which promote the use of services and facilitate new experiences!


Non Material gifts ideas for travelers Gift Card are an incredibly great gift. They range from EUR 10 to EUR 2,000 which might be a bit much! 😉 You can have the gift card instantly delivered to your friend, by email or chose to have it sent with a card.

I’ll take the USD 2,000 gift card anytime!! Just mentioning in case you are wondering. 😉 Yep I’m a big Amazon fan although I love to shop local as well. Gift Card can be used to buy products of course, the ones that your friends will truly want, but also eBooks, magazines, films, and yes blog subscription like this one. Yes, yes, I’m shamelessly self promoting here 😉

If you don’t like the idea of giving a gift card, then you can always directly chose some books for example and have them delivered electronically. Ebooks are a fantastic gifts and there are so many options from travel inspiration to learning a new language, that the possibilities are endless.



ITune card

Itunes gift cards are also a great option. Listing to music while waiting to board a plane is kind of mandatory and of course, music is an essential part of any good road trip!

iTunes gift cards start at USD 15.

With these, your friends will obviously be able to download music but also travel apps, photography apps, podcasts, films….

Note that, a US gift card can only be used on the US iTune store, a French one, on the French store, etc. I really find it great as they are all slightly different and your friends might therefore be able to download things that are not available in their own country.

Yes, yes, I admit, I have bought iTunes gift card to myself in the past to do that!!



Celebrate the Holidays with a Gift to Nature

This holiday season, why not show some support to our environment and make a donation, on behalf of a loved one, to a great cause.

WWF is, to me, worth every pennies you can spend. Once you’ve made your donation, they will send an ecard, like the one below, to your friend to share your commitment.

You may choose to send the ecard on any date. Your loved one will be delighted to know that your donation helps protect species and wild places around the world.

WWF - holidayecard_penguin



Do you know Esther? 

Esther is a micro pig who grew and grew and grew… because she wasn’t a micro-pig!

Esther is probably one of the luckiest pig in the World as she was adopted by 2 loving Dads, who got inspired by her and embarked on an incredible journey. They created, about a year ago, the “Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary“. Esther now lives there, with her 2 Dads, spoiled with cookies by her Grandma and adored by her loyal friend Shelby. Many other animals are lucky enough to live there as well, receiving all the love they deserve.


The Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, needs donation to care for those lucky animals so if you are able to donate on a regular basis, do not hesitate! And do share their work and their smiles, on social media.

Esther smile is extremely contagious so I’m sure your friend will love to receive a card from her!!



Most likely, your travel lover friends, would love a Round the World ticket anytime of the year. If it’s not within your means, check out their favorite airline, you are likely to find out that you can give them a gift certificate that fits into your budget.


Other ideas:

  • Tickets to a movie, a play, a special sport event
  • Cooking lessons
  • Voucher for a hotel stay, a restaurant
  • A travel magazine subscription
  • A photography workshop
  • A subscription for yoga classes
  • A AAA memberships

Get your friend something new to experience and maybe something to experience with you!!

And if you prefer material gifts, check my post on gifts ideas for travelers. I’ve put together a list of useful gifts they will be sure to travel with!


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