Phones of our lives

It seems that everywhere we go, we find old telephones.

This stroke me when in Trier (Germany) 2 weeks ago as we arrived in this empty courtyard where an old style phone was hanged on an otherwise bare wall. It’s always quite funny because, every time we behave like children in front of a new toy.

Of course, I religiously composed the phone number indicated on it, despite the annoying numbers of 0 and 9 (for any one who has used one of those, you know how annoying 0 and 9 are! and 8 and 7… ). Nothing happened… which was a little disappointing even if the absence of dialling tone should have been a warning sign!

This little encounter reminded me of the numerous phones we seem to come across during our trips. Not talking of the regular phone booths, although even those seems to face extinction, I´m talking about odd phones and often old in odd places.

So I´ve been kind of wondering if there is any hidden message behind these encounters? Are we not calling our parents enough (I kind of know what they would answer to this one!)? Are we stuck in old age communication? Or do we have communication problems? Or is it just because we like them?!?

I googled and only found interpretation of what phones mean in dreams and nothing seemed relevant.

So if you have ideas, let me know. Otherwise I will keep watching out and wonder…

Phones of our lifes

PS: I was only able to find a few pictures for now, but I will update if I found some more in my huge photo library.

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