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Here is a list of some of the posts I wrote on a few essentials things to do or to have when planning a road trip. Enjoy!


Car Emergency Kit

Everyone should have a car emergency kit. Here is a list of the things you should have in your car, plus a few additional recommendations. Read More »

Travel essential: Shampoo Bar, the only shampoo that won't spill in your suitcase!

Choose to pack this travel essential: shampoo bar! No more spilled shampoo or else in your suitcase with these all natural clay products. Read More »

A shopping guide for Travelers: make the most of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Make the most of Black Friday & Cyber Monday with these shopping tips and recommendations. Read More »

Travel with Essential Oils: How I use them on the Road

Here is a list of my favorite Essential Oils. Those are the ones I take with me when travelling, to treat little ailments. Read More »

Going Camping? Here are the essential Cooking Gear you must have

Need some tips to chose the essential cooking gear to bring on a Road Trip? Read on... Read More »

How to take care of your feet when travelling?

Some useful tips on how to take care of your feet when travelling. They cary you around all day, they deserve some TLC, don't you think?! Read More »

A handy checklist of gears to bring on a Road Trip

Planning a Road Trip? Bring these items along to make the most of your time! You'll be ready to face any situation (or almost!!) Read More »

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the mildly adventurous Moms

Are you looking for Mother's Day gift ideas for your mom or your partner? Is she adventurous but ... not too much?! Then those gift ideas are for you! Read More »

The Eco-Friendly & Reusable Items you need for your next Road Trip

A list of Eco-Friendly & Reusable Items you need to make your next Road Trip more enjoyable while remaining green! Read More »

How to Plan a Road Trip and define the Best Itinerary for yourself

Thinking of going on a Road Trip? Read on to learn how to plan the best possible Road Trip for yourself. Read More »

A Guide to bringing back Mindful Travel Souvenirs

It’s time to stop bringing back crap that will end up in the trash! Begone fridge magnets, lousy t-shirts, useless key chains and dust collecting mini figurines! Choose to only take back home, mindful travel souvenirs! Read More »

Travel with Coconut oil: a space saver in your suitcase!

When packing, one of the most difficult thing to fit in your suitcase, is probably your toiletry bag. Replace most of your products by Coconut Oil and see your toiletry bag shrink! Read More »

Road trip essential: Wash you hands with Paper Soap!!

This may sound like old news to you, but I’ve just recently realized the greatness of paper soap on the road!! You know those super thin sheet of paper you can wash your hands with? You don’t?!? Than read on… Read More »

Weekend getaways: What to bring to the Spa to make the most of it

So you’ve booked a super nice hotel for your next week-end getaway and it so happens to have a little spa which you intend to fully enjoy… Here is a list of essentials to bring to make the most of your time Read More »

Christmas gift ideas for Travel Lovers

Do you still need ideas on what to get for Christmas to your friends who are  travel lovers? Here is a list of useful things that they won’t forget to pack with them… which means they will think of YOU every Read More »

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