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What you will find on Road Trips around the World

On RTatW you will find:

You will very quickly notice that I have a thing for castles, churches, cathedrals, temples, architecture, UNESCO World Heritage sites…. Yes I love museums and history as well (and all my history teachers just had a double heart attack!)

I’d like to think it is all super well-organized but deep down, I know it could be better!


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So? How to find what you are looking for on RTatW?


Looking for inspiration or just want to browse around?

You can go on RTatW main page to find the links to my Mini-Guides, my hand-drawn Maps, what’s the latest update, the latest visits…

In the main menu, you will find, on the Destinations page, the links of my articles by destination, yep what a surprised! Well, there is more there, of course! However, this page isn’t complete. I just realizes there are only 11 destinations listed although I’ve been to something like 40 countries so far, but who’s counting!

My BID List gives you an idea of what to expect in the future as I have marked all the UNESCO sites I’ve been to (over 120!), although I haven’t told you about all of them yet.

My tips to Road Trip like a pro should help you discover the World, one road trip at a time, while staying green on the road and even at home.

Notice something else?

The Postcard page is only accessible with a password that you will get if you register to my ‘soon-to-be-great’ Newsletter! It’s already pretty nice, but soon it will be great indeed!

Postcards like these below. Cute don’t you think?!

RTatW Postcards - Vanlife - free to download on www.RoadTripsaroundtheWorld.com

Have you seen a smurf or 2 on the blog page? Well, hum… that’s something I’ll have to explain. For now, you can check out my UPGRADE series.


Looking for something very specific?

Of course, you can also search by category, like on pretty much any site. You see the little folder underneath the title of the article? Just click on the one you want to see if you find something you like!

Feeling lucky? You can also search by keyword with the search tool, on the top of the right column, or at the very bottom of each page.

One crazy other option is to reach out on Facebook and ask me!

Hope you find what you are looking for.


A few more words on RTatW content and stuff


Some of my articles are getting pretty old (2-3 years! OMG), so they are getting a makeover!

If you stumble upon an article that doesn’t look as good as it should, don’t worry, I’m working on it. Some of my articles need a lot of TLC!

My articles are ideal week-end reads… meaning they are long!

They are long, maybe too long and include lots of pictures, sometimes maybe too many.

My articles are long because I want to give you lots of information. They are hopefully long but not too boring (wishful thinking!). Actually I giggle when I post things about 15th century medicine and I do think I’m funny, when I’m telling you about how I escaped Morgana the Fay in the Val sans Retour! Hope you like it too, but hey, it’s ok if you don’t!

With regards to pictures, some are really good! 😉 some are average, and every now and then some are pretty bad. I’m sorry about that, there are days like this. If I post them anyway, it’s because they still have a certain interest.

My titles can be boring

Pretty much all my articles about the places I’m taking you to, start by the word “Visit”. Visit the Amiens Cathedral, Visit the Vasa Museum… I know it’s boring! But hey, at least, you know what you are getting into when you click on these links!

Dear Grammar Police friends…

Yeah I know, there are lots of typos everywhere. Even I, find some regularly and I’m puzzled by my mistakes.

I’m sorry, I’m French. I do my best and I learn everyday.

So be nice or bug off!


I’m so off trend!

I’m not into articles like “the 10 best this and” “10 reasons to…” nor can I trick you with titles like “You won’t believe…” or “You have to see this…”. Yeah, I might never get famous with RTatW and that’s ok.

I’m bad with Social Media

Well, I guess at some point I have to admit I’m not so good with Social Media.

No, I can’t spoil the view of a UNESCO site by taking a selfie in front of it. I don’t think seeing me watching a pretty mountain or sunset turning my back to the camera, will help you in any way, no matter how gorgeous my locks are! Are those just trends that will disappear like hot-dog / legs trend? I kind of hope so.

In addition, I’m really bad at posting regularly. One week I’m there, posting stories and all. Next week, it’s like ‘pouf’ I’ve disappeared from the face of the Earth!

The good news if that if you follow RTatW on Facebook, you won’t feel spammed! 😉 So, yeah I’m on Instagram too. At least I have the decency to not post the same things on FB and Insta, because that’s sssoooo annoying! (This isn’t going to make me more popular, I’m afraid).

Look, there is a partially good reason to this: Although I believe I’m creating more than decent content, I’m not here to brag.

I’ve created Road Trips around the World to inspire & help YOU to discover the World

OK… and share my love of castles!