The Gifts you will want to keep for yourself!

Just a few more days until Christmas! If you aren’t done with your Christmas shopping or and you still need some inspiration despite having looked at every single Christmas Gifts list you could find, here is one more!!

Beware, those are pretty cool and you might want to keep them for yourself!
Gift ideas for friends who like to travel

Note: this post contains affiliated links. If you decide to purchase one or more of these items, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. 


1- Sunglasses 

Those are not your regular sunglasses. First they are hand crafted. Second, because they are made of bamboo, they float, which is super cool!   Eco-friendly, sustainable, stylish, unisex, sufficiently different to be a conversation starter… what’s not to like?

The lenses are polarized of course.


2- Travel size Candle 

Burning a small candle in your hotel room can help make you feel more at home. And this small candle is perfect for that. The delicate mix of Gardenia and Jasmine fragrance is sure to help you unwind. Made from soy wax, which as you know, is so much better than regular candles.


3- Travel size Toothbrush  

My ‘home’ electric toothbrush is big and I just hate to pack it with its charger. I hate it even more when I arrive at destination only to realize that it went on in my suitcase and is completely empty when it’s time to go to bed. Luckily, I will soon have one of those travel size toothbrush as it is on my Christmas list! The on/off button is inside the case, so it won’t go on accidentally.

4- Coffee Addict life save  



A mini expresso machine which is manual, light weight, compact, easy to use and does great coffee. A true wonder!

5- External Charger


To have an extra battery to charge your phone when on the go, is always a good idea. A stylish one is even better.

6- Suitcase lock


Locking your suitcase or your carry-on isn’t a bad idea. It won’t protect your belongings from very determined thieves but it might help a bit. Which ever one you chose, make sure it is TSA approved.


7- Jewelry that make you feel good 

I told you in this post that when travelling to certain destinations, less ostentatious pieces are better. Now, this necklace is a wonderful example. It’s pretty, yet very cheap. And more importantly it doubles as an essential oil diffuser. A few drops of your favorite essential oil on the little felt pad, and you are good to go. It comes with 8 pads of different colors so you can match to your outfit.


8- A book of maps


A book is always a great gift and since travelers tends to love maps, this book seems to be a perfect combination!

9- Scratch the World


I couldn’t not have this map on the list because it is super popular nowadays and I do think it is pretty cool!

The map looks a bit dull at first but as you visit the World, you get to scratch off the visited destinations to reveal the beautifully styled up map underneath.


10- Cool mugs


Life is like a camera mug - designed by Miss Coco

Mugs are always useful. If they are pretty, are  fun or if they include a message, it’s even better.

I think those 2 are pretty cool! Yeah OK, I designed them for Society6!!


11- A Tote bag to show your love of GoT

Mother of Dragons tote bag for Game of Thrones fans only

Only for Game of Thrones fan.


12- Hashtag inspiration

#Sexy T-shirt. Tell it like it is!

Say it like it is!!


13- Phone case

Keep calm and go cycling phone case by Miss Coco

Phone cases are always useful. Might as well be cool!



That’s it for now.

If you haven’t found anything you like, maybe check my other gift ideas list. All useful, eco-friendly or essentiels! 




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