Plan the Perfect Staycation or the Art of staying at Home

Are you considering staying at home for your vacation this summer? A little Staycation can be just as nice and refreshing as a trip to the other side of the World if you do it well. Read on to learn a few tips on how to plan the perfect staycation!


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Maybe you don’t want to travel the world on a tight budget, hitchhiking from places to places and not being able to see the things you thought you would see because of the price tag.

Maybe you don’t want to spend thousand of Dollars, Euros, Pounds or what ever your currency is, on a flight, a hotel and some vacations to a remote place which is bound to be crowded because it made it to the list of places you must see this this year.

Whatever your reasons are, you should know that it is ok!



Before I share with you a few tips on how to plan the perfect staycation, I want to tell you about some of the benefits of staycationning:

  • First and this is super important, you will get to sleep in your own bed! Aaaaahhh how much I love my bed!! It is the most confortable one in the whole World to me!! ?
  • Second, you will benefit from free wifi! Well, almost free since you already paid the bill.
  • And third, there is no packing, unpacking and packing again! Ah Ah!! I know you are considering a staycation now! 😉


OK, silly benefits appart, staycationning can be nice and fun if you do it well. So here are my tips on how to best enjoy your next stay:

Prepare your staycation like you would prepare any other vacation. Before you go on vacation, I’m sure you get ready for it. You probably do a bit of planning, buy a new bathing suit, some sunscreen, wax ;-)….

Well, you should treat your staycation as seriously as your trip to the other side of the World! Prepare your staycation in advance so when it comes, the only thing you have to do is to enjoy it.

Why not take your ‘vacation clothes’ out, prepare your picnic basket, buy some candles for some romantic evenings, maybe buy some rosé…  And don’t forget the mosquito repellant! Choose the book you will read, update your vacation playlist… And maybe in advance of your staycation, you can slightly update the decoration of your balcony, your terrace or even your home, so it feels more “vacationy”!


Once your vacation has started, update your routine. You are staying at home but you are on vacation. So shake things up! If you are an early bird, maybe consider getting up later. If you usually just grab coffee and rush out the door, sit down for breakfast like you would in a hotel and relax. Change your routine, do things differently.


Slow down! You are on vacation after all!! This is not the time to start repairing everything around the house or spring cleaning and not even the time to catch up on the laundry. This is the time to enjoy, to ease the pace, to think and dream. This is the time to enjoy yourself and forget about everydays’ life.


Turn off the TV, the news, whatever you are hooked on and read a book instead. The World probably isn’t going to end while you are on your staycation. Stop worrying about the elections, the most popular YouTube video, the new must have app of the week… If it’s truly important, it will still be in the news in a few days, when your vacation is over. Grab a book instead, lean back and enjoy!


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Go out and explore everyday. If you were in a hotel, you probably wouldn’t spend your days locked in your room. So go out and explore your surroundings. Thousands to millions of people probably come to your city or region to visit it and you’ve probably never really paid attention. This is the perfect time to do it! Go to your city museum if it’s raining, go on a hike, stroll through your city with fresh eyes. Yes you are allowed to do a bit of shopping while you are at it!


Try some new activities. Lots of hotels offer various activities that you may have never tried. Mr A had his first diving lesson in Egypt while my best friend and I went on sailing a catamaran. We took yoga classes in Turkey, went horse back riding on the beach in Tunisia and enjoyed rafting in Colorado… My point is that when you are on vacation, you probably do things that you never do at home. So while staycationning, do the same and try different activities that you normally wouldn’t do. Since you did some research before your staycation, you know where to find that burlesque class you’ve been dying to try!


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Try new food. Food is a major part of a travelling experience. When staycationning, you can still go out to restaurants where you normally don’t go but you can also try new recipes at home. Buy fresh products at your local market (the ones that are probably opened only when you are at work) and cook something different!


Take a nap! Yes I kept the best for the end! 😉 The joy of a good nap is unbeatable!! ??


Most importantly: Do what ever you fancy & enjoy yourself! 


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