Travel Book suggestion: Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List

Do you need a bedside book to help you dream about your next amazing travel adventure? Look no further! Lonely Planet’s 2015 list of the 500 Best Place to See is guaranteed to make your dreams about the wonders of the World!


Lonely Planet has been around for a long long time now, and they have probably published a guide about every single destination you can think of, except maybe the moon. There is really no need to introduce them.

Travel book suggestion: The Ultimate Travel List - A Lonely Planet guide to the 500 most beautiful places on Earth -

Note: This post includes affiliated links, which means that if you decide to buy this book, I will get a small commission, at no extra costs to you.

What you may have not realized though, is that they also publish more general books which they list on their website as “Pictorial & Gift”. Instead of focussing on a country and specific ‘how to get there’ and ‘where to eat’, these books display all the amazing wonders the World gots to offer and showcase them with beautiful pictures. One of the latest book published, the Ultimate Travel, list of the 500 Best Place to See and it will awaken your Wanderlust for sure!


Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See


The official description: 

We’ve all got places that we want to see for ourselves: places friends have enthused about after a holiday, places we’ve read about, dreamed about.

This is our list. It’s the 500 most thrilling, memorable, downright interesting places on this planet – and what’s more, we’ve ranked them in order of their brilliance. These are the places we think you should experience; there are sights that will humble you, amaze you and surprise you. They’ll provoke thoughts, emotions or just an urgent need to tell someone about them.



On Lonely Planet website, you may notice, this book appears in the ‘Coffee Table books’.

Well, I keep mine on the bedside table instead and you should try this to: After a hard day at work, lie in bed with a soft light on, grab the Ultimate Travel list, browse through some of the most beautiful places on Earth, soak it all in, appreciate the beauty, all the details of the pictures and once ready, put the book away, turn off the light and fall asleep while imagining yourself in the beautiful place you just admired! Sweet dreams (almost) guaranteed?! 😉


And of course, books always make great gifts. So if you’re in search of a Valentine gift for your travel lover, and you can’t afford a RTW plane ticket to put in the lovely Valentine’s card I designed just for you, than this book might be just the right thing for you!



Hope you enjoy! 




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