A shopping guide for Travelers: make the most of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is upon us and, as you know it too well, the Christmas shopping frenzy starts right after, if it hasn’t already started. I’m not one to recommend buying more and more stuff but as a conscious shopper, I try to make the most of Black Friday & Cyber Monday because when you truly need something, why not benefit from a good deal?!



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Some shopping recommendations

It may seems obvious but it is always worth reminding yourself of some basic rules before going shopping:



  • Don’t buy crap just because it’s cheap

  • Beware of fake price reductions

  • Only buy things that you really need / are going to use

  • Don’t compromise on your eco-conscious principles

Whether you decide to go physically in your favorite stores on Black Friday or shop online on Cyber Monday, always keep those in mind. When shopping for yourself or shopping for your loved ones, apply the same rules. Your loved ones might not be as eco-conscious as you are, but a gift from you might open their eyes, on the opportunities that are out there.


Read on to get more tips on what to buy and why!


Things to look for on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 

Even if the date of your next trip seems to be a million light years away, shopping for some ‘must have’ is a great way to get ready and make it looks like it’s a bit closer.

A Great new piece of Luggage

Whatever your travel style is, backpacker, hand luggage only or oversize packer, if you need a new piece of luggage, why pay the full price? Suitcases are getting more and more high-tech nowadays so it is one of these things that you really want to be careful when buying. If you’re going to order it online, you should really first go check it out, in store, to see the quality for yourself.


I love this Pendleton Luggage Glacier National Park suitcase for many reasons: It has a retro look. The straps are vegan leather. It has 4 wheels which is so much better than 2!! And it’s not black or grey like 99% of all suitcases on airport conveyor belts which means you will recognize it instantly when it arrives!

For stylish guys, I think this BOSS Adventure bag is a great gift. Cotton and Vegan leather by a major brand… What’s not to like!



A Day backpack

A day backpack is the next most important thing you need when travelling. It needs to be super comfortable as you will wear all day long when visiting cities or hiking. It needs to be roomy and safe. If you choose it well, you’ll probably want to use it everyday not just you’re travelling!!


One of the best company for classy vegan handbags is definitively Matt & Nat. Since they can be a bit pricey, a good discount is always welcomed!

Ooohhh This Greco Canvas Backpack





There are a multitude of vegan options out there. Fit for any circumstances and tastes! Check those out:








Apart from your computer, phone, external disk, external battery, noise-canceling headphone, multiple cords and additional suitcase to carry all your electronic stuff 😉 there are 2 things that I always highly recommend to bring on your travel:

A Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

And yes the waterproof part is a must!)


A kindle! You know I’m a Kindle fan and if you don’t have one yet , you really should consider getting one on Cyber Monday!



Yes, like you, I’m guilty of filling my suitcase with a lot of electronic which I can’t live without, but I’m working on it!!


Camping gear

Depending on where you live, it might feel a bit early to renew your camping gear. My advise to you: Don’t wait for prices to soar! Purchasing off season, is a great way to find deals.

Maybe you need a new super compact and multifunction blanket like this one by BEARZ Outdoor.  Great for the Beach, when hiking or camping and super lightweight.

Maybe you need to upgrade your game and are planning your next adventure? Cooking on the road doesn’t mean adding a lot of weight. Check out this cooking set:


Nordic walking is a great way to get in shape and ready for your next adventure. Trekking Poles are actually fun to use and help you keep your back straight when hiking, especially with a heavy backpack.

Folding ones are best in my opinion.






For more recommendations on what you need for your next adventure, check out this handy checklist I created for you or this section of RTatW


Your next camera 


Can’t go on trip without a nice camera to record great memories!

Which ever one you chose, it really is best to purchase it in advance to have time to learn to use it and be comfortable with all the settings. Do your research, choose wisely depending on your level and look for the best deal!

The one featured here is the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7KS DSLM Mirrorless 4K Camera which is, in my opinion, a great option at a still reasonable price.


Get organized 

Getting your stuff organized when travelling is a must. A messy suitcase is a recipe for disaster. In the best case scenario you will just lose time looking for things, in the worst case scenario, you will actually lose things.

There is one thing I can’t bear loosing and it is jewelry. This Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case has solved the problem for me and has been keeping my jewelry safe for a while now.

There are loads of travel organizers on the market and loads of different ways to keep organized without spending a dime. What ever you do, keep things light and simple!

Wanderlust Jewelry 

Depending on the type of trip and destination, I don’t take the same jewelry. I love antique jewelry but when going hiking for example, if I want to wear something, I’ll prefer cheaper one, the type I won’t cry for days if I lose it.

Some destinations require humility so you may want to consider shopping for non ostentatious pieces. You can still show your wanderlust with pieces like this one!







Need more green tips and shopping ideas? Head over to the ‘Stay Green‘ section of RTatW! 



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