Weekend getaways: What to bring to the Spa to make the most of it

So you’ve booked a super nice hotel for your next week-end getaway and it so happens to have a little spa which you intend to fully enjoy… Here is a list of essentials to bring to make the most of your time there and give yourself some well deserved TLC!


I don’t know about you, but I love it when hotels provide a little spa area! A sauna or hammam, a fancy shower, maybe even a jacuzzi… City trips can be exhausting with all the walking around, sightseeing, delicatessen hunting… unwinding in a spa before crashing in your room is a luxury to not miss and a way to give yourself some much deserved TLC,  to start the next day fresh and new!

What to bring to the spa - List of essentials to make the most of it

OK, to start with, you might want to check with the hotel, before leaving home, what is included and how the spa operates. Robes, towels and slippers are usually provided but sometimes, at an additional cost. Some spas operate only during restricted hours and you need to book your slot in advance. Just check before hand to not be disappointed and to not bring things that you won’t be able to use after all.



 So, what should you bring to the Spa, to make the most of your time? 



You need to dry brush

First of all, you might want to start by a good dry brushing in your room before heading to the spa. New to dry brushing? Well beware because it might just become your new and preferred beauty routine! Yes, dry brushing is about brushing the skin with a dry brush! It is done a bit like a full body massage, starting at the feet and hands and brushing toward the chest, always in strokes toward the heart.

A good Body Brush is required for that of course. It might look a bit big for your suitcase but really the long handle takes no space but is totally necessary to brush every corner of your back!

Dry brushing removes dead skin, helps the lymph system, fight cellulite and accelerate blood flow. You’ll see result very quickly and will love your smooth skin!


Now put on your bathing suit (just in case..) robe and slippers and head to the spa! Oh wait… You didn’t forget to remove your make up, did you?

First of all, enjoy the facility to the fullest but follow the instructions provided. There is no need to stay more than 20 minutes in the sauna or steam room. And if you can’t stay that long, it’s ok, you can take breaks and go back, or not. Do what feels best for you… always!!

Once you are fully relaxed and once your mind is clear, it’s time for some some deep cleaning and scrubbing of your body!

You need a good scrub, of course!

Steam room are an ideal way to prepare your skin, as steam opens the pores and promotes the body detoxification of the outer skin. Once, your skin is ready, you should use a good body scrub and here is my selection of organic and delicious ones!


The Organic Fiji Sugar Polish, Pineapple Coconut because you just want to eat it!




The Coffee Body Scrub because coffee is really good for the skin.



The Sea Goddess Body Scrub with Organic Blue Green Algae because it will make you feel like you’re by the sea!





Of course, you won’t need the whole container on your trip, so I recommend to transfer a reasonable amount of your preferred scrub into a TSA approved bottle and keep the rest at home.


You also need something to scrub with

OK, if you really can’t fit a sisal mitt in your suitcase, your hands will due, but these Exfoliating tools make scrubbing much easier, especially for your back. They are made of sisal, which is apparently antibacterial  and cleaner than loofah (but I do like loofah too!). 

Put a tea spoon of your favorite body scrub on the mitt, and like with the dry brush, start with your legs and harms and work your way toward your heart. You should rince the mitt several times and put body scrub again on it. Circular mouvements, are better than strokes. The long back scrubber is, well, for your back obviously, but if you have a special someone to scrub your back, it’s even better 😉

If you have super sensitive skin, you probably shouldn’t use the above mitt on your face. Instead, consider investing in a Konjac Sponge. Despite it’s color, it’s a 100% natural Sponge, no coloring, no additive, and 100% biodegradable. It will gently exfoliates your skin and cleanse your pores.






Your feet, might need additional scrubbing and Pumice Stone are best for that.

Simple, very inexpensive, durable and yet very effective!!

Scrub those heels and rough spots!!! Your feet caries you around the World, they deserve your attention!



Don’t forget to wash your hair!!



You need to nourish your skin 

Now that you removed every single dead skin cell from your body, it’s time to nourish it.

My favorite product after the spa? Argan oil! Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamin E, it nourishes the skin and leaves it soft.
This one is light and is absorbed easily by the skin so no greasy feeling after applying!






You need to carry your belongings

Yes I like to bring my phone to the spa! shame on me. It’s just to take pictures, I promise!!

To make sure it isn’t damage by the moist, I usually “repurpose” my TSA approved toiletries bag to protect it and keep it dry, along with the other things I bring, like my keys and a bit of money in case tea and green juice are not complimentary!

This one from Vumos is super nice because the bottles are made from food grade silicone and are 100% BPA free. TSA approved of course.



To carry all those things, you need a bag! I like this Cute Canvas bag made from organic cotton because I can also use it during the day as a purse. It’s big enough to put all my things including my cameras. I LOVE the “Life is a trip” version! Of course!!! 😉




Once back in your room… you need to take it easy! 

Since you are all clean and relaxed from your trip to the spa, keep the good vibes going.

Turn off the tv and instead put some nice relaxing music one.  Grab a book instead of your computer or phone…

Keep things quiet, inside and out.

Spread a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil on your pillow. It will help you stay relaxed and improve your sleep.

Have a tea. As you need to drink lots of fluid after the spa, having tea is a great way to do that while indulging. The Cinnamon & Sweet Vanilla Chai Tea by Pukka is my favorite. You should try it!










Yes, you guessed it right, all the above links are Amzon affiliated links. I f you purchase a product using these links, I will be forever thankful as I will get a small commission from Amazon which will go toward my next spa day! There is no additional cost to you so do not hesitate!! 


Tell me: What’s your favorite ritual when going to a hotel with a spa? 

Comment below… it’s free! 


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