Why it’s a good idea to stay in Golf resort, even when you don’t golf!

When on a road trip, we tend to book our hotels in the morning for the evening, after having discussed the plans of the day. With such short notice, it is obvious that sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a miss, and most of the time it’s just average. Rarely it is as lovely as our stay in the Oijared Golf Resort.

A golf resort? Why??? Well, hear me out if you’ve never stayed in a golf resort. We used to never stay in Golf resorts either… at least until we started playing golf. It just felt too weird. In fact, I didn’t even know you could sleep there if you weren’t playing!!

But now when we have a chance like this one, we don’t miss it.

Hotel golf Oijared - Sweden - a relaxed atmospher

There are several reasons why hotels located on golf clubs are usually quite a nice option:

  • They are located in more remote areas and not as busy as some other hotels.
  • They are surrounded by nature and offer great views.
  • They are usually peaceful. I’m not saying golfers don’t party hard! But they are not soccer players either 😉
  • They usually have a spa. If you’ve never played golf you may think it’s not a real sport but in reality, it is hard! and you need the spa to unwind after a 18 holes!
  • Because of their remote location, they usually have a restaurant on site.
  • The common areas are usually quite big and welcoming as these are used as lounges for the golfers during the day.
  • They usually have a laid-back atmosphere.

and bonus point:

  • They are not as expensive as one may think! At least for many of them.


A great example of a super nice golf resort is the Oijared Hotel in Sweden.

We stayed there the day we visited the Grimeton radio station and before going to the Tanum rock carvings site. (and if you don’ know this 2 UNESCO world heritage sites, you should click on the links!!)

And yes, the Oijared had it all, in addition to really nice spacious rooms with great views and very friendly staff.

Check out my pictures below but also have a look at their website as they display dreamy pictures: http://www.oijared.se


Hotel golf Oijared - Sweden - entrance with fire place

Not the biggest fan of the eagle… 

Hotel golf Oijared - Sweden - view inside

The decor reminded me of the Monument Valley Hotel. 

Hotel golf Oijared - Sweden - a relaxed atmospher

Hotel golf Oijared - Sweden - the pool

The pool offers an impressive view on the golf course

Hotel golf Oijared - Sweden - salon


Hotel golf Oijared - Sweden - external view

The building is super well integrated in the nature. 

Hotel golf Oijared - Sweden - view from outside

Hotel golf Oijared - Sweden - entrance

So well integrated that the entrance of the hotel is hidden under a tee! 

Hotel golf Oijared - Sweden - the room

A bit sad to have to leave…

We didn’t golf when we were there, as we were only equipped for hiking and camping during this road trip!

But we had such a nice stay that it motivated us to return to the practice… So maybe next time we’ll stay there a bit longer and will golf… That’s kind of a date 😉

Do you often stay in Golf resort? Which is your favorite?

Comment below, it’s free!





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