A Happy End of the Year

Life seems to make us take unexpected paths… and sometimes it’s for the best.

For this end of the year vacation, I had in mind a quiet escape to Bali, the Seychelles or maybe even the Maldives. I had also considered some other options like Cap Verde, Oman and even Saint Petersburg (although I desperately wanted sunshine and warm weather).

At the last minute, like always I should add, we changed our minds, and decided to spend some time with my parents in the Loire Valley, and then drive down to the south of France and maybe even to Barcelona.
Will we make it to Barcelona, a city I have always wanted to visit? No one knows!!
Will we enjoy this new road trip? Surely as it is after all quite unusual for us to take road trips in France, our home country. Somehow ironic, really.
Coming back home for Christmas has been a good thing and we got to enjoy some quality family time.
I hope you all have a wonderful festive seasons and are getting ready to welcome the New Year with wonderful and fun plans.
The Nativity Scene at the small church of Villehervies (near Romorantin)

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