Mini Guides

Mini Architecture Guides

Below you will the list of the Mini Architecture Guides that I created so you can easily carry in your pocket and refer to when visiting historical places.

My mini guides are completely free.  You can just download the one(s) you like, print and enjoy!

Click on the image below to be redirected to the corresponding post or read on for more info and instructions.


Church vocabulary - mini guide cover Castle vocabulary - mini guide covercover-medieval-architecture-vocabulary-guide-designed-by-miss-coco-learn-more-on-roadtripsaroundtheworld-com



















Other Guides



New Mini Guide!!

This guide will help you identify trees. Check it out!







Themed Maps


You must have noticed that I love maps!! I create Road Trip Maps to help you plan your road trips and city maps to help you discover cities.

But I have also created ‘themed maps’ that you can find below.



Mini Pocket Map Cover - Leonardo Da Vinci Tour around the Loire Valley, France










There are many more to come  😉


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And more maps are already available on the blog… check them out here.


Why mini guides? 

Because I want you to be able to print, fold and carry in your pocket. These are specially made so you can easily refer to them when visiting castles, churches, cathedrals or else…. They are mini but packed with useful information!!


Ok they are mini, but why create guides? 

There are lots and lots of very old buildings in Europe, and the vocabulary used to describe them is often very specific. In many places you will get to visit, there will be some sorts of description available. Sometimes it will be a guided tour, sometimes a little brochure,  but sometimes there is nothing available at all.

When following a guided tour of a castle or a cathedral, the guide might use very specific words that sounds obscure. When you have just a little brochure, it’s sometimes very hard to know where to look at. And when there is nothing available, well… it sucks!

That’s why I wanted to create those architectural mini guides. To help you enjoy your visits even more, to learn things and make the most of your time!

Additional bonus of these mini guides?

  • You will be able to answer your kids’ question when they keep on asking: what’s this? What’s that?
  • You will be able to brag a little by using very specific terminology !! Just a little, ok!?!


What about the other mini guides? 

I love castles, churches and so forth… but not only! So if I can share with you more, than why not!!


As for the mini road trips map?

I just wanted to encourage you to visit more places by helping you how to navigate from one to another.


They are free? 

Yep, completely free! So grab yours today! You can also share them with your friends!



OK so what do I do? 

You need to chose the mini guide that you are interested in and the paper format you will be printing on (Letter US or A4).

Then you just need to print, fold carry with you and enjoy!


For Medieval Castles:


For Churches:

Pocket guide – Church Architecture Vocabulary – letter US format

Pocket guide – Church Architecture Vocabulary – A4 format


For Medieval Architecture Vocabulary:

Pocket guide – Medieval Architecture Vocabulary – letter US format

Pocket guide – Medieval Architecture Vocabulary – A4 format





As an exemple, this is what the one on church architecture looks like once printed:

Pocket guide - Church Architecture vocabulary -




Some further detailed instructions? 

When printing, make sure that you set your printer on 100%. If you add margins to the document, when folding, some of the info might end up on the wrong side.

Printing in color would be best of course.

Some guides are one page, some are 2 pages.

Church mini guide - folding_

Fold in half horizontally. If the guide you selected is one page, you can fold and glue, so it holds better.

If the guide you selected is 2 pages, than you might want to glue the 2 pages together before folding.

Church mini guide - folding_-2

Then fold in half vertically.

Church mini guide - folding_-3

Church mini guide - folding_-5

And then again fold each side, in half. It’s like a little accordion!

Church mini guide - folding_-4

And it’s done! Put in your pocket and go!



Hope you enjoy! 

Don’t forget to share with your friends!!