A walk around the Bled Lake – Slovenia

Our stay in Slovenia would have not been complete without a trip to Bled, its charming medieval castle, its emerald lake and its picturesque island and church. The perfect Sunday gateway for Slovenians and tourists alike.

Walking around the lake is easy and perfectly charming as the view of the island and the castle is different at every step and irresistible!

We didn’t have a fantastic weather that day but it was still very pleasant and still warm enough to bath…

Come with us around the lake, and check out how fantastic the view is, wherever you stand.

Lake Bled - Slovenia

Lake Bled - Slovenia-2

Lake Bled - Slovenia-3

Lake Bled - Slovenia-4

Lake Bled - Slovenia-5


Lake Bled - Slovenia-6 Lake Bled - Slovenia-7

Lake Bled - Slovenia-8

Lake Bled - Slovenia-9

Lake Bled - Slovenia-10

Lake Bled - Slovenia-11

Lake Bled - Slovenia-12



Lake Bled - Slovenia-13

Lake Bled - Slovenia-14

Lake Bled - Slovenia


Lake Bled - Slovenia-17



Once upon a time, there, in the Bled castle, lived a king who was known for his brutal oppression to his subjects. When he mysteriously disappeared, his queen gathered all the gold of the kingdom and had a bell casted for the chapel on the Bled Island. But the bell never made it to the island, as a storm sunk the boat which was carrying it.

Devastated, the queen went to convent in Rome and when the Pope heard about her story, he had a new bell made and sent to the Bled island.

It is said, that every now and then, the gold bell laying at the bottom of the lake can be heard ringing…. and it is now custom for the groom to carry his bride to the top of the 99 steps staircase leading to the church and ring the bell before the ceremony. This will bring  good luck to him.

Lake Bled - Slovenia-18

Lake Bled - Slovenia-19

Lake Bled - Slovenia



Check out the official website for more info: http://www.bled.si/en/

But don’t forget to visit the castle.







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