Blog Update: Roadblocks, the path of least resistance & A big announcement

It’s been a while since my last blog update and I thought it was about time to share with you some of the most recent developments on what’s going on RTatW! I’m going to keep it short because… well… read on…


Roadblocks ahead…

I’m breaking from my usual structure for this post because of the things that have been going on.

It started with a cancelled trip to Berlin and it cascaded from there. Since the beginning of the year, every single plan I made got cancelled or changed one way or another.

At first, it was no big deal to change the time or date for this meeting, this one and this one too.  It happens. It can be annoying, but one got to handle.

But then it became a pattern and got bizarre!

Diner parties, Birthday plans, drinks with friends… All cancelled or to be rescheduled…

Visit of a very special church? No sorry, it is exceptionally closed…

When I left to visit this castle that was on my list for a while and after just 30 minutes of driving, the weather changed so much, like hell was being unleashed on earth, I had to turn around. I just thought: I will try again tomorrow. But noooo… It didn’t happen the next day either.

On my next planned trip, the only road leading to my destination, was blocked. I do mean literally & physically blocked… by a giant rock! There was no going around… Seriously??


And the list goes on…

External forces are at play for sure! Or is it some sort of retrograde period for one very important planet or all, or what?!


Choosing the path of least resistance 

So there are 2 ways to handle such situations, at least 2 I can think of. Keep pushing until you make it happen, no matter what is thrown in your face or pause, ‘hear the signs’ and adjust your course!

I chose the latter. The path of least resistance.

Winter isn’t my season anyway. I’m more of an hibernating creature and I guess all these roadblocks were meant to remind me that’s it’s ok. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hike in the snow, on a sunny day, especially if followed by tea & cake! Prague covered in winter is whimsical. The Northern lights, dreamy sky resorts… I love all these experiences as well. But I prefer when nature awakens, when trees are covered with leaves, when the grass is green and lush….

So the path of least resistance for me was just to hold on, on all those plans and work!


So I worked! 

In January, I worked so much that I made, in a single month, the same income as the previous quarter! It’s kind of irrelevant to you but I’m very proud!

Most importantly, I work on my next mini guide. It’s a huge project. I’m only half way through but it’s coming along very well. I know I talked about it before and I know I’m late publishing. I also now recognize that it is going to take quite a few more rainy days to finish!

Here is a hint below of what this mini guide is about… although those are not for the mini guide but an extension of it… You can guess where I am taking you, right?!




And… drum roll for the big Announcement! 


I’ve quietly launched my UPGRADE series! 



What is UPGRADE?

UPGRADE is about you, not your computer or software!

UPGRADE is about crafting your life, so you can travel the World as you desire.

UPGRADE is about making sensible plans to start your own business, earn money, become location independent and afford to travel.


You may have seen on this page, that I had planned this a while ago and now it is coming to life.

Now, I’ve pondered this long and hard before starting, because part of me always feel a bit out of place when talking about something else than travel related, on here. But there are just too many “quit your job and travel the world” out there. Too many bad advises (in my opinion) from people who haven’t done it or from people who paint a rosy picture and forget to show the behind the scene… So instead of telling you to just quit your job and let you deal with the consequences, I decided it was best to share with you tips on how to do it right, if that is what you are aspiring to.


UPGRADE Articles can be found here: UPGRADE (for now!)

There are a lot more to come!!

And yes Brainy is assisting me and is smurfing it!!




Like a flower, I’m getting ready to bloom back to life!



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