Blog Update: I’m consciously uncoupling from my agenda!

Dear Readers,

May I start by thanking you again?! There are more and more of you reading this blog and to my almost surprise, you are actually coming back, a lot, to read more. I’m psyched you like it!! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Road Trips around the World - Blog update -

Life & Travel Update 

We made it back from our last road trip. I haven’t told you much about it yet but if you had a peek at my Instagram, you may already know we were in Slovenia. I sooooo love Slovenia! It’s an amazingly green and beautiful country. I couldn’t get enough of its lakes, waterfalls & rivers. Despite the fact that it wasn’t my first time there and I knew what to expect, I was still mesmerized. It was the first time for Mr A and he loved it! I knew he would, but I had no clue how good it would feel to be back there.

As we are based in Luxembourg at the moment, we crossed Germany and Austria to reach Slovenia where we spent most of our time. We didn’t really want to leave but we did include a little trip to Croatia (+1 monument on our UNESCO World Heritage 😉 ) and spent a little bit of time in Italy. On the way back, we wanted to explore Austria a bit more and it was marvelous! Oh and we stopped by Liechtenstein! One of the smallest country in Europe and probably the World. (+1 on our list, yeah ok, who’s counting?!)

The weirdest thing about this is crossing borders! We are so used to hop borders between Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany, without even thinking about it, that it was a surprise to have to show our passports to get to Croatia and Liechtenstein. Silly I know! Those countries are not part of the Schengen area and we had forgotten about it. The rest of the time, 2 things would reminds us we were about to cross a border: the numerous signs reminding us to purchase a toll sticker or vignette (Austria and Slovenia) and our GPS which was going wild in some areas!

It was just a marvelous road trip. Maybe one of the best so far and we didn’t want it to come to an end but it did eventually…. and now we are back home…

And now it’s time to get organized! Or maybe not?!?!…


Blog update - Slovenia Souvenirs - Road Trips around the World


I think I’m just going to stop planning! 

Planning is stressing! I think I’m just going to let things flow for a while. I’m going to consciously uncouple from my agenda and planners! Shame on me especially at this ‘back to school’ time of the year when everybody is setting new goals and buying new diaries. 


Mostly because I’ve pretty much achieved none of the goals I’ve set earlier this year and it left me frustrated for a while. We’ve been to none of the places I wanted to go to. I didn’t achieve any of the projects I had set my heart onto… and you know what? I’m now ok with it.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t achieve anything. I’ve done tones of things and been to lots of places I’ve been wanted to go to. Just not what I had decided should be the priorities for this year. And it’s been perfect. Setting goals is great, achieving them is better… but what if somehow we are actually unable to truly decide what is best for us? What if those goals we set, are actually the wrong ones for us, at least at that time in our life?

Life unfolds in mysterious ways and for the rest of the year I want this mistery to be the sole thread of my life. I will let it take me to which ever places it want to take me and I will trust that it is in my best interest…

Will see how that goes! 😉


What will be coming soon? 

Well, based on the above, I can’t really tell you!

I have a bunch of post & projects that are half finished. I clearly don’t lack topics or inspiration. What I lack the most is time!

Maybe my next posts will be about the augmented reality visit of the Chateau de Chambord, maybe about the Norway fjords, maybe the Sedan fortress, maybe the Postojna caves, and maybe I really should start telling you more about Luxembourg?! Oh, maybe I should finish my series of post on Portugal although what I should really start telling you about is France, shouldn’t I? I’ve been thinking a lot about one of our road trips in Spain these last couple days and I still have to show you some of the great places we’ve been to in Germany and Canada….

Will see!


If there is anything you would like to see on RTatW, you can pop me an email at MissCocoTravel at gmail dot com.

And if you just want to say hi, do not hesitate either!!



That’s all for now, have a lovely week-end and don’t forget to go out and explore! 



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