An Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day

Aaaah Valentine’s day! You may love it, you may dismiss it as a commercial prank and yet still feel obliged to celebrate. Which ever category you fall in, why not make this Valentine your most Eco Friendly Valentine’s day yet!?

I’ve recently share with you this TreeHugger article on how to celebrate a green Valentine’s day and wanted to give you some additional ideas.


Eco friendly ideas for a Green Valentin's day!

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Valentine’s day doesn’t have to break the bank. You may want to buy something special for your Valentine but in that case and as usual, keep your eco-friendly standards, don’t buy crap just because it’s cheap, buy things that your Valentine really needs, not just the last novelty. Think reusable, multi functional, durable… and if everything fails, chocolate are always a good idea!! Raw vegan chocolate, of course!!

Here are some ideas of things to do or buy if you must, depending on what your Valentine likes.


For the Pampering Queen

Valentin’s day is for 2, so think of experiences you can share. Like a week-end in a boutique hotel with a luxurious spa or a relaxing massage for 2 followed by an afternoon tea or a romantic diner.

If you are staying at home, fill the bathroom with candles and preselect a relaxing playlist. Prepare some Himalayan salt, some coconut oil (coconut oil can be used in many different ways… you’ll thank me later!), maybe some essential oils and probably a glass or 2 of wine!

For the Cocooning Princess

Maybe your Valentine wishes secretly fo Valentine’s day to be moved to a warmer month of the year. Maybe your Valentine is more excited by a cosy evening spent spooning with you, than a diner at a fancy restaurant. In that case, rather than judging, indulge!!

Again set the mood with romantic candles (candles work every time!) Thankfully, choosing organic soy candles is really easy nowadays. Prepare finger food, the type you can share. And cosy up in a nice faux-fur blanket (recycled materials only!) while watching a nice movie!






For the Adventuress

Why not go glamping, spend the evening by an outdoor fire and watch the stars?! You can also rent a small cosy cabin if you prefer.

You’ll need some warm clothes, extra blankets and some mullet vine or Irish coffee! (Yes, the Tree Tribe stainless steel bottle featured below will ensure your favorite drink stays hot). If you don’t play guitar, bring your favorite playlist and make sure you have enough battery on your phone to last the evening.


For the Bohemian Goddess 

Do you want to get jewelry for your Valentine but don’t have the $$ or are concerned about their environmental impact?

There are some eco-friendly options out there like those by People Tree but maybe these are still a bit too expensive?

Well lucky you because there is sort of a solution to this problem: temporary tattoos! They are super trendy and so cute. and they lead to no regrets!!  There are so many options out there!

Applying those tattoos can become a sexy activity to share… 😉




If you’re looking for more inspiration, you can check out the ‘recommended for you’ section, you’ll find there plenty of eco-friendly product that your Valentine may like.



Have a lovely Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day! 



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