Going on a hike this week-end? What essentials do you take?

It’s going to be a lovely week end here in Luxembourg. We’re probably gonna go on a hike to get some fresh air and make the most of summer times. There are a ‘few’ things I take in my backpack when going hiking. Here is my list of essentials…


Red Rocks view - Luxembourg


Well first you need a backpack! Mine is a Quadra Vintage Canvas Backpack. It comes in several color but I got it in the beige / sahara color which I love. it probably gets dirty more easily than the darker brow or the navy one, but I don’t really care. It’s light, it got 3 outside pockets and one small internal zipped one which I use to safe keep my keys.  Plenty of room inside, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. It gets heavy with my 3 cameras inside but remains very comfy!

It’s made of canvas and isn’t water proof so I line the bottom with plastic bags which I use to wrap things around if we get caught up in the rain, or to sit on if the ground is dirty, or to bring back mushroom if we’re lucky!

I really didn’t want to get one of those modern looking backpack. I also didn’t want a real camera back which shouts ‘hey look at me, I’m carrying expensive camera gear!’. I wanted something simple that I could take on hikes in the wood but also keep on my back when visiting cities so I was very pleased with my finding and the Quadra ‘vintage’ look.  I had it for 2 years now and it is still in perfect condition.

I should mention that there isn’t any leather on it! A vegan backpack which is not made of plastic / Polyester: that’s another reason for me to be happy!!


So what do I carry in this backpack?

– My 3 cameras and usually one or 2 additional lenses. Yes it get’s heavy!!

– Water. I love my Bobble Water Bottle because of the filter but I must admit that the aluminum water bottles keep the water fresh longer.

– Snacks. That’s up to you of course, but I think you should always have snacks in your bag. We got kind of lost in Tenerife without enough food and I say: never again!!

– some layer in case it gets cold.



But in my backpack, I also have some other items, kind of my survival kit!

– my little Swiss Army Knife comes on every hike. It’s nothing extreme, no too big, not fancy, but very cute! It’s just a little knife with some basic tools on it, just in case… I’m not really planning on getting so lost that I have to survive for 3 days in the woods, ok?!? but I think having something like this in your bag is good idea.


– Next I have a little First Aid Kit. Again nothing fancy, but enough to disinfect a few scratches, little cuts and so forth.

– I also have an Emergency Blanket. It’s so light and so so small, so why not? it may save your life or the life of someone else.


– And finally I have a Fire starter! I bought this for a photoshoot because it does incredible sparks but now it’s in my backpack. I haven’t tried to make a fire with it but I hope to do so very soon!


Sometimes we bring wine and glasses when going hiking! So now you know why I need a corkscrew on my little knife!! lol

Backpack - essential


So tell me, what’s in your backpack when you go on a hike?

I don’t have much space left, but if you think I should take something else, let me know!!




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