The Eltz Castle on the Moselle Valley – Germany

The Eltz Castle stands on a prominent rock deep within the wooded Eltzbach valley, like a fairytale idyll. It is one of the numerous castle around the Moselle Valley in Germany. It’s not very far from the Cochem Castle which we visited on the same day.

The Eltz Castle has never been destroyed in battle. Time has taken it’s toll on it, and major consolidation works were done a few years back, but it’s quite normal for a castle that started being built in the 11-12th century.

The Eltz Castle is actually 3 different houses which were built by the 3 Eltz borthers. You get to visit a small part of the Rübenach House, and the Rodendorf Houses.



When arriving by the path you get this amazing view of the castle.


Eltz-Burg-Castle-Germany-view from path 2

Eltz-Burg-Castle-Germany-view from path

The tour starts in the courtyard


View of the courtyard


View of the river below


I really wish I could have open this door. Don’t know why?! I just wanted to!!


Cannon balls stock in the courtyard


View on the valley from the castle


The path back to the parking lot


Unfortunately, pictures are not allowed inside the castle.

It seems some people have manage to still take a few. I normally don’t publish pictures I haven’t taken but rules call for exceptions. So this is one.

There is no copyright infringement intended.


Come along the visit:

– The Armory: With armors, spears and Turkish reflex-bows made from wood and buffalo horn over a period of years.



– The Rübenach Lower Hall with its exotic tapestries


– The Rübenach Upper Hall, which has been used as a master bedroom for centuries. The bed is actually 2 meters long, raised from the floor and with wood panels and curtains to keep the heat. The richly decorated murals and ceiling date from the 15th century and are amazingly well preserved. It has its own little chapel and its own comfy toilet!




– The Rodendorf house Electors’ room: beautifuly furnished with a collection of chinaware which is presumed to have never been used



– The Great Hall: the largest room of the castle. The fool’s mask indicates free speech to everyone inside. The rose above the door means that nothing can be repeated outside the room



– The Angel Room: decorated as a hunting room


– The Countesses’ Room: with the oldest painted Renaissance bed in Germany



– The Fahnensaal – Banner Hall: with a beautiful vaulted ceiling and a 19th century reproduction of a 16th century stove



– The Rodendorf Kitchen: built in 1500 and looks pretty much like it used to 500 years ago.



The Treasure Chamber is self guided and holds quite a large array of gold and silver pieces, some chinaware, weapons and jewelry.




The technical bits: 


The official website: (visit it, there are a few pictures there as well)

The castle can only be visited with the guided tours organised. Tours are either in German or English.

I found this Book on Amazon and it’s in English. It wasn’t available anymore in the boutique, but if it’s like the one I got at the Cochem castle, it’s small but very informative and very useful if you are planning a visit to the Eltz Castle.


Enjoy the visit!!




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