A Walking Tour Map of Berlin

Getting lost in a city is usually the best way to discover it. But when the city is as big as Berlin, getting lost might mean missing out on all the best spots. To help you navigate the Berlin Mitte area, I create a Walking tour map of Berlin which will take to all the must see in this wonderful city!


Berlin Walking tour map - Visit roadtripsaroundtheworld.com to learn more


What’s included in this Walking tour map of Berlin? The best of Berlin Mitte! 

As you can see from the full map below, this is a walking tour which will take you to all the best known landmarks of Berlin:

The Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie of course but also to the incredible Deutscher and Französicher Doms.

When in Berlin, you can not miss the Berliner Dom (nor the Berlin City Palace which is being rebuilt next to it!) and Museum Island should be on your list even if you are not a museum person. You should at least stroll through and admire the architecture.

You will either love Alexanderplatz or hate it. I’m not the biggest fan but the Berlin TV tower, like all other towers, offer incredible views on the city.

This walking tour is circa 8km or 5.5 miles. You can reduce it by not going to Alexanderplatz for example 😉 but do not miss the little detour by the river along Museum Island. When reaching the end of the Island, you will have a great view on the very photogenic PergamonMuseum.

Following the river to the North, after the Reichstag offers view of the newest and most modern developments around the Spree.

And to the West of the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, there is a huge park, the großer Tiergarten, where you can take a well deserved mid-tour break!!

If the little piece of the Berlin wall located across the street from Checkpoint Charlie and the other pieces you can see in the city,  aren’t enough for  you, you should go to the East Side Gallery, by following the river to the South-East.


Berlin Map - Berlin Walking Tour to the most famous sites in the city - designed for roadtripsaroundtheworld.com
Berlin Map - Berlin Walking Tour to the most famous sites in the city - check roadtripsaroundtheworld.com for more info

Berlin Map - Berlin Walking Tour to the most famous sites - designed for roadtripsaroundtheworld.com



How to get this Walking Tour Map of Berlin for your next trip? 

Just click on the image below or here. A new window will open with the high-resolution pdf version of the map. You can print as big as A4 or letter US paper without any problem. Just scale to your preferred size and print!

This is completely free. There is no catch! The only thing I might ask is that you enjoy Berlin and all it has to offer!




My first giveaway!! 

Do you like the drawings I created for the occasion? I hope you do, of course!

I used to create my maps, like this one, as a single drawing. However I now draw each buildings separately and much bigger. I than scan them and use some Photoshop magic to insert them in the map!

And I am now giving away these original drawings! 

The drawings are the size of a postcard. If you win one, you can therefore sent it to a friend!

Of course you can keep it for yourself and I’d be super honored!  And if you decide to maybe frame it, you must tag me on Instagram!  (you can find me here @ __Miss.coco__ )


Hand drawn Postcards of the most famous sites in Berlin, Germany - available on roadtripsaroundtheworld.com




What do you need to do to enter this giveaway? 

It is super simple: You just need to sign up for RTatW Newsletter.


In a few days, I will randomly pick the names of the 3 winners! If you win, you will receive an email from me, asking for your personal address, so I can send you the original drawing!  Super simple, right?!

If you don’t win for this specific giveaway, don’t worry, there will be more in the future.


What are the other benefits of signing up for RTatW newsletter?

  • You get a monthly super nice email from me, directly in your inbox!
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And there will be more added benefits in the future…



Berlin Giveaway

Here are the postcards that y.

Number 1: the Reichstag! 

It was so much fun to draw. I feel like an architect now!!

Drawing of the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany - postcard available on roadtripsaroundtheworld.com


Number 2: the Brandenburg Gate! 

I think I managed pretty well!

Drawing of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany - postcard available on roadtripsaroundtheworld.com


Number 3: Checkpoint Charlie! 

That’s just because it is so famous!!

Drawing of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany - postcard available on roadtripsaroundtheworld.com



It breaks my heart to have only 3 winners, so I will give away a 4th one and it might be the Deutscher and Französicher Doms… shuuuuttt, it’s a secret!

Drawing of the Deutscher Dom, the Konzerthaus and the Franzosicher Dom in Berlin, Germany - postcard available on roadtripsaroundtheworld.com

So if you want a chance to win one of these original drawings, use the form below and enter this free giveaway.

Do you like this map?

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