A Pocket Guide to Medieval Architecture Vocabulary

A new mini guide is now available and it is all about Medieval Architecture Vocabulary!

With this in your pocket, you will have a quick access to all the informations you will need to identify architectural features from Medieval times.

Are you planning a trip to Europe? Are you intending to visit a few castles and maybe a church or 2? If you are a bit lost with European architectural styles and don’t really understand the differences, then this new mini guide is for you!


 Medieval Architecture Guide - Learn everything you need to know about Romanesque and Gothic Architecture! Mini guide free to download on www.RoadTripsaroundtheWorld.com

A mini Guide about Medieval Architecture Vocabulary

The Middle Ages or Medieval time was a period, in Western European history, from circa the 5th to the 16th century. During this period, architecture is divided into 3 main styles: Pre-Romanesque (5th to 10th century), Romanesque (10th to 12th century) and Gothic (12th to 16th century).

This new mini guide focuses on the Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles and will help you recognize the various elements which are most important to each styles.

With this guide in your pocket, you will soon realize that it is easy to differentiate Romanesque architecture from Gothic architecture. And yeah, it gets fun!!



This new mini guide is a 2 page guide. As you can see above, the first page includes drawings and explanations about the main features of both styles.

The second pages gives you further informations on other elements which might help you identify the period of construction of the site you are visiting. Indeed you will soon realize that lots of buildings combine features from both styles as their construction and reconstruction may have been done over the course of centuries.


Fear not!! It gets easier and easier!!

If you are not planning a trip to Europe, than you might still be interested by it’s content! Who knows, you might learn a thing or 2!?!

Do check it out!


How to get your mini Guide

Choose the right file for you depending on the paper size you will be using: Letter US or A4. Use the links below to open the corresponding PDF file. (yes, it’s free!)

Pocket guide – Medieval Architecture Vocabulary – letter US format

Pocket guide – Medieval Architecture Vocabulary – A4 format

You just need to print. Make sure that you set your printer on 100%. If you add margins to the document, when folding, some of the info might end up on the wrong side.

This is a 2 pages document. If your printer doesn’t do recto-verso, just print on 2 separate pages and glue them together.

Printing in color would be best of course but not mandatory.

Just fold along the dotted lines and you are good to go!!

If you need further folding instructions, visit my mini guide page. You will also find there my other mini guides. Totally worth checking!!




You are now ready to explore Europe with

this mini guide in your back pocket!!




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