A sustainable and environmental friendly gift for your Valentine

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If you are still looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine, why not buy a sustainable and environment friendly gift?

Valentine’s day… you can love or hate it. You can see it as, yet another mercantile holiday, or you can make it a great opportunity to show your loved ones that you care, by giving them something that was made with respect for people and the planet.

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Wait, isn’t this a travel blog? Why do you talk about ethical, sustainable and environmental friendly gift and fashion?

Isn’t it obvious?

1 – Because travelling means seeing the World and admiring it’s beauty. If we want to keep it beautiful, we all need to act to make it a better place.

2 – When travelling, you wear clothes! And jewelry and you have a purse and shoes and accessories… make your choices count!

OK, more seriously, I believe people are fundamentally good and want to have a positive impact in the World. Unfortunately, most people have no idea of the real impact of their everyday decisions, no idea of the true cost of the things they buy. As a blogger, I feel I can help, one blog post at a time.



The True Cost 

It may sound difficult in the world we live in, to not buy cheap crap that no one cares about and that will get tossed unused. Cheap flavorless chocolate, cheap stinky roses, cheap plastic hearted something, wrapped around more plastic… the biggest, the worst…

If you still need convincing that those are bad choices for us all, than you may want to watch the movie called the True Cost.

Once you’ve seen it and you are convinced that it is our responsibility to make better choices on how we spend our money, come back here…




Sustainable and Environmental Friendly gift

There is a simple answer to limit our negative impact on the environment… just buy less crap!

One alternative is to make conscious and better choices when buying something and the good news is that it’s never been easier!

Big hearted people, all around the world, are shaking things up and are working toward a different economy, a different business model, one where sustainability is a fondamental criteria that doesn’t get eclipsed by profit. It’s vitally important for all of us, to support them.

One brand I want to tell you about today is People Tree. (If you’re in the UK, you probably know it).

People Tree is a clothing brand which only sales Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion. They are a pioneers in the ethical and eco-fashion world, as they’ve been around for over 20 years. 20 years! Fair trade certification didn’t even exist back then, and ‘sustainability’ wasn’t a concept very much used. So yeah, 20 years is quite an achievement! Check out their ‘Our story’ section to learn more about their mission and standards.

So why am I talking about People Tree today? Because they have super cute hand made jewelry that won’t break the bank. And jewelry is a super gift for Valentine’s day, isn’t it?!

Hopefully you will still be able to oder and get delivered on time!!

star ring

Hearts are outdated, shoot for the stars!! 


Valentine’s day is about love, and to celebrate love chose a meaningful gift for your Valentine. One that is ethical and sustainable!



PS 1: this is not a sponsored post. And I’m not a People Tree affiliates but maybe I should!! 😉

Both images show jewelry you can find on People Tree website. No copyright infringement intended.

PS2: If you are still looking for a Valentine’s card. You may like the one I created for you. It’s a free printable. Check it out here!

PS3: So what did I get for M. A for Valentine? A week end in Berlin! I’m super excited about it and now I have to go and pack!! 😉



Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Thanks for stopping by! 





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