Blog Update: Bravely facing the Year End

Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by! My blog update posts are about what’s going on in general on RTatW. These usually include some recap of what you may have missed. A touch of bragging about my latest creations, some announcements and basically, a whole bunch of info you might or might not want to know about.

However, this blog update is going to be slightly different. Although like my other blog updates, it does include information you might not want to know about. 😉

Blog Update- Bravely facing the Year End - RTatW

As I’m writing these words, it’s been a month since my world crashed and I’m having a hard time moving on.

It is so hard…

You probably don’t know this but I have another blog. It’s even more a work in progress than RTatW is! It’s a mess of this and that. Photo shootings, logo designs, drawings… I do also share my maps and other creations there. I sometimes share some more personal things like this post on what happened last month: Merci… You don’t need to read it, except if you are very curious and are ready to get deep into my soul. You might also need a tissue or two, I don’t know. I used a box writing it…

Whatever you chose to do, what I can tell you is that, a month has passed, and it is still hard, so hard.

Before starting a blog update, I always look at the previous post I wrote. To know which period to cover and basically know what I have already told you. When I read my last blog update, I was a bit shocked. It is so cheerful, so optimistic, so full of promises. We had so many fantastic plans for the summer including our road trip in Sweden. I was also excited by all the things I wanted to do afterward. Maps, guides, my big project… even the behind the scene updates, I was working on, were exciting!


I’m shattered, broken and thankfully numb.

Whenever I feel a glimpse of excitement for something, I immediately shut it down with a good dose of guilt. Consciously. Because how I could I find any meaning, any importance in those mundane things?

Still, whenever I smile, there is a little something that brings me back to reality. I know I have to move on and live my life but it is incredibly hard to find the path. 


The  next road to take is the road to recovery

I’ve been on this specific road before and I know it leads to brighter futures. 

Yet, at the moment, I don’t know where it starts. Or when for that matter. There are no maps for this one. Apparently, there are no rules either. It doesn’t help much to know this.

What I do know is, that it is a long road. I know it will take me a while to get my “spark” back.

Healing - RTatW

Oh so cryptic! 

Yes, I know. It is mostly because I don’t want to bother you with this, really.

What I’m trying to say here, is that I’m not giving up RTatW. It helps a bit actually to focus on it, or try to focus on it. And I have so many cool projects to look forward to. That helps me a little too.

I will continue to travel and for sure, road trips will still be my favorite way to discover new places.

I will continue drawing so I’m still going to create maps and stuffs.


But it might not be now & it might take a while… And I hope you will forgive me


That’s it for this blog update!



Meanwhile, do share the love with your friends and tell them about RTatW and its amazing content!