Blogging 101: Another point of view on Content Creation

Content creation is the most significant part of blogging. Being able to express yourself on your own blog and reach out to people all over the Globe is amazing. But Blogging is being framed in such a set of rules and so many ‘how to’ that self expression seems to be muzzled and creativity confined to a point where many blogs look and feel the same way.

Since I’ve been feeling overly controversial these last few days ;-), I wanted to break those rules and give you my special recommendations…

Beware, this post probably isn’t going to help you, if your goal is to become an overnight success blogger. However, it might help you, if you’ve been dreaming of starting a blog but feel pressured by all the rules.

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When you have a blog, some of the most common questions you get are from people who want to know how you did it. How you created your blog, how you designed it, how you manage it, how you do this and that… It’s partially disappointing because it means your readers are focusing on the ‘how’ rather than the content you put your sweat into. But it’s also very gratifying because it means your readers like what you do, maybe they even like it slightly more than the other blog around the corner and if they want to know how you do it, it may mean they want to get to know your work a bit better.


Because of the quantity of information already available on the web, I have never really felt entitled to add my ‘how to start a blog guide’ to the pile. I’m billion light years far from a pro and my blog is still a work in progress. And yet, I did give you a few tips in this post:  My Blog’s 2nd Birthday and my 3 tips on how to start a blog which covers the main first steps:

  1. Get a domain name
  2. Get your blog set up and online
  3. Write posts

So today I’m not going to go back to the recommendations and tips previously given, because I still believe in them and I’m still super happy to have chosen the combo Bluehost + WordPress, within the myriad of options available out there.

Just wanted to point you in this direction in case you need more ‘technical’ advises on how to start your blog.


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Another point of view on Content Creation 


So let’s dive in into the do’s and don’ts of content creation but first:

What is content? 


Content is pretty much everything you publish! From your ‘about page’ to every single of your posts and even your Instagram pictures really.

For your post, content is composed of: the post’s title, the images you use and the prose you chose.


Content is key…


The common rule:

You already know this, content is key and you’ve read countless times that you need to create original content. It needs to be unique, useful and delivered in your own voice. You may even have read all the recommendations how there on how to achieve this goal.

My recommendation to you:

Creating original content is much easier to do than you may think: You really just need to be yourself. You are already a unique human being with a unique set of passions, skills & interests, so all you need to do is to express them!

There is basically only one thing to not do: copy and paste, from other blogs, from Wiki or any other ressource online! Apart form it, just go for it!


Choose your niche, sub niche, sub sub niche…


The common rule:

Chose your niche, sub niche, sub sub niche… It seems that your blog needs to fit into a little box when it comes to its topic. You are supposed to chose your niche and even a sub sub niche if you’re going to make it, on an oversaturated market. Yeah maybe if you want to ‘make it’, it’s a good advise.

My recommendation to you:

The truth is that to succeed you need to enjoy what you do and to enjoy your blogging experience, you really should blog about what you are passionate about.

Are you really committed to writing only about pancakes? Or do you also like french fries?

Do you want your blog to be solely about red roses? Or do you like knitting as well?

Committing yourself to only blog about the art of painting blue skies might be challenging after a while? So while restrict yourself.

I’m not saying every blog should become a life style blog and that you should dump into it, every single thought of every single day. But if you have several passions, than why not express them and find a way to make them fit them together. But after all, if what you want, is to have a life style blog, then go for it.

When you become a blogger, being yourself online is as important as being yourself offline!


Type of content


The common rule:

Content is classified into 3 main categories: 1. News ; 2. Entertainment ; and 3. Resources/Educational.

Yes, apparently, you are supposed to chose what category you will be blogging in and when you’re just thinking of starting a blog, it’s a bit annoying to think you need to fit into yet another box.

My recommendation to you:

Maybe this is a no brainer for you and you know right away where you stand in terms of category. Good!

Maybe this is another reason why you haven’t yet started your blog. If it is the case, then my recommendation to you is to not worry about this. It’s ok, for example, to write a “news piece” because the topic is dear to your heart even if it doesn’t fit with your usual topic.

It is your blog, do what you want!!

Blogging is about expressing yourself. So don’t let your self expression be categorized and boxed up!




The common rule:

Consistency is apparently key to blogging success. Consistency in writing style, consistency in the way you edit your images, their color theme, their feel… Consistency in publishing schedule…. You apparently kind of have to become robot blogger if you want to succeed. So much that a lot of blogs look like copycats because of they all apply the same recipes.

My recommendation to you:

Again, be yourself. Yes, you can write short post and long ones. Yes, you can use different fonts on your water marks. Yes, you are allowed to have a life and not post every single day at the same time….

When starting a blog, you will probably start with one theme and move to a different one later on. You will probably start with just your name as a logo and maybe add something different when you get a chance. You will also most likely change writing style along the way.

And even if your style is perfectly defined, there will most likely be times in your everyday life, when you feel better and write in a funnier way, and times when you feel differently and which may affect your writing. Guess what? This makes you human! Embrace it!

Let your blogging evolve. let your blog grow and grow with it. This may sounds weird but start your blog and think about this in a few months. You will notice changes, believe me 😉


Know what your readers want


The common rule:

This might be the common rule that puzzles me most. You are supposed to write for your readers and know what they want. A bit difficult when you are starting and your only readers are your mom and your partner!

It get worst when you dig into what ‘readers’ are like and truly want: Readers want lists so all your post are lists. Readers have very short attention span (8 second on average apparently which is less than a gold fish!) so all your post include only 2 lines of text and 5 pictures that look the same. Readers actually don’t read anymore, so you express yourself only in meme and gif…

Pfff our future is doomed or at least very gloomy!!!

My recommendation to you:

Write for yourself and put your heart & soul into it.

Some people will hate it. A lot will ignore it. Just know that amongst the billions of people on Earth, you will find an audience who loves it!




The list or common blogging rules you can find on the web, is much longer. My recommendations to you remain the same:

First, don’t spend your time, or too much of your time, reading how to guide on how to create the prefect content. But instead, go ahead and write what you want to write and blog about your passions with all your soul.

Second, always remember that it is your blog, so do exactly what you want to do with it!

And most importantly: Be yourself!


Again, my recommendations might not lead your blog to become an overnight success and cash machine. But they will most likely ensure that you enjoy the process of blogging for a long time!! Give it a try 😉




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