Road Trip postcard: New designs and more…

You hopefully already know I have a collection of hand drawn postcards available here and such collection is growing! The newest additions are about Road Trip vans and other vehicles. A Road Trip Postcard anyone?!


For the past month, I have been working on a new mini guide. It’s a massive undertaking! Quite frankly, it’s becoming almost ridiculous how much work I put in those guides. But I love it, so that is that!! Just so you know, I’m not quite sure when I’ll finish it but I really hope it will be soon, hopefully next month…

Such mini guide is such a big project that I needed to take a break from it.  As I was day dreaming about our next Road Trip, I started drawing different types of vehicles and configurations that are ideal for road trips. Yes, I take a break from drawing for a mini guide, by starting another drawing project! Sounds silly, but hey, winter is here to stay and winter is perfect to focus on creative projects!!


New card designs

Since I thought my drawings turned out pretty good 😉 I decided to create new ‘postcards’ with them. A bit of Photoshop and Indesign magic and taa daaa, here they are:

Free Road Trip Postcard available on

There are more, of course!


How to get those? 

You just need to go to RTatW ‘secret’ page, select the one(s) you want, download and print. (No commercial use obviously!)

If you don’t yet have the password to access this page (you are really missing out here!) then you should know that you just need to register to RTatW newsletter to get it. No spam from me. Just an awesome monthly newsletter with great little surprise in it!

If everything fails, pop me an email: MissCocotravel at gmail dot com


Just one more thing….



You may have noticed on some of my other articles, that I have a profile on Society6. It is a really cool platform to display your creation on anything from art prints to shower curtains, rugs, clocks, tote bags, phone case and more.

Needless to say that I couldn’t resist to use these new designs and bring them to life on specific items. I do have a thing for mugs but now that Society6 has added notebooks to their collection, it might be my new favorite item!!


So here is a sample of what I created with my little vans:

Miss Coco design for RTatW on Society6


Are you planning a Road Trip with your SO? A big new adventure? One of these might be the ideal gift for your Valentine?


I have also updated some of the existing designs to fit the newest Society6 items available and included something  that is totally new.

As mentioned above, I’m working on a new mini guide and this new design added to Society6 is totally a hint on what this mini guide is about… Put your Sherlock Holmes hat on and find the clue if you can!!




Do you like those new designs? Then share with your friends! 



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