Visit of the Guimar Pyramids in Tenerife

Our Tenerife little trip was very last minute. Completely unplanned, it was an escape from the cold and dump winter. Originally I wanted to go to Mexico and drive to Cancun through Yucatan to visit Mayan pyramids… Instead we ended up in Tenerife which I never thought could meet my expectations…until we found the Guimar Pyramids!


What an extraordinary surprise when I found out about the Guimar Pyramids. I had been dreaming of pyramids!! Ever since I was a child, I have been attracted by the Mayan culture. It probably has to do with the Mysterious Cities of Gold, a Japanese-French animated series I was religiously watching when I was young!

When I found out about them, I instantly knew we had to go and so we went the next day.

Arriving on the parking lot and seeing glimpse of the pyramids was very exiting. Despite the pressing urge to see the pyramids, we started the visit by going through the museum and the auditorium to learn about the site, the archeological researches and the amazing work of Dr. Thor Heyerdahl.

We have already traveled quite a bit, have been to many interesting places, we love architecture, and show a genuine interest in different cultures and history. And yet, the museum made me realize how much uneducated I was about pyramids, the astonishing work of man to build such prodigious constructions and the dedication of others to understand these past civilizations. For a start I just had no idea there were so many pyramids on earth! It is simply mind-blowing to hear about the different theories and to reflect on such wonders.

After that, walking through the park and seeing the pyramids was just the cherry on the cake.

Ending up in Guimar instead of Chichen Itzá could have been a disappointing experience. Instead I think it was a fantastic introduction for us to long lost time and civilizations. It was also a sign that I wasn’t ready for the big trip to Mexico, and that I needed to study to make the most of our time there.

The Guimar Museum


The Entrance to the Guitar Museum



Welcoming Committee!



How nice…


The Guitar Museum auditorium





Thor Heyerdahl reed boat reproduction – The real boat crossed the Atlantic Ocean





My dream list!


The Guimar Pyramids

There are 6 pyramids in Guimar which are surrounded by a beautiful park which provides a beautiful view on the ocean.











Other areas of the Guimar Museum 

Rapa-Nui-Guimar Museum-Tenerife

Rapa Nui from the Eastern Island! A surprise!



The poisonous herbs garden


The coffee shop




The technical bits:

There are 6 pyramids in Guimar which are surrounded by a beautiful park. the path to walk around is lovely and a soft zen music is playing which makes the experience even more enjoyable. The museum is very informative and well presented, the secret Garden hosting poisonous plants is a nice touch and let’s not forget about the cafe which serves freshly pressed fruit juice! Not too big, not too small, the whole thing represents a very nice experience.

Official link:


The bonus of our visit to the Guimar Museum was to find out about the other pyramids of the island!

Two days later, en route for the South of Tenerife, we headed to look for the hidden pyramid of Icod! Well ok, it’s not really hidden but it took us a lot of driving, determination and a bit of luck to find it as it is not indicated on any sign. It is located in the upper part of the town, surrounded by houses, in the middle of a patch of small fields, back yards and vines which definitively look like private properties and is not really accessible. As we arrived there, we saw some kids climbing it and playing on the top. We had to go as well! Drove around it some more and asked some curious guys how to get there. Sign language is great, go down, turn right… we reached the vines which rested against one of the 5 (yes 5!) sides of the pyramid, avoided some giant spider webs, and M. A started climbing.


Icod pyramid


When you look at the pyramid on a picture or from far away, climbing it seems completely manageable. But when you are there, up close, not so much anymore. Each level is a giant step and the stones are wobbly. As I watched M. A climbing the 3rd level, I wondered how this pyramid and probably some others could have lasted for centuries. He decided to not go to the top and turned around. I decided to stay on the ground!

It is probably best anyway. I really didn’t want to be responsible for the whole thing to collapse! And if every tourist who manages to find this unprotected pyramid was to climb it, it would probably not last 10 years. I am still glad we got up-close with it because a pyramid with 5 sides is extremely unusual if not unique , at least as far as I know, but it seems I know so little 😉

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