Travel Stories

Traveling isn’t so much about the places you see.

Traveling is about the memories you make, the people you meet, the things you learn about yourself…


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Let me tell you a few of our stories… You may even have a good laugh!!


The dead fish

A little story of the most romantic sunset... and a dead fish! Read More »

Broceliande and the Valley of no Return

Deep in the Broceliande forest, in the Valley of no Return, we almost escaped from Morgana... Read More »

A little travel story: The Tale of the Shower Coin

Let me tell you a little story. It is the tale of the shower coin or how 1 euro can buy four and half minutes of pure happiness!! Read More »

Why I don't want to quit my job to travel the World

Countless people seem to have this dream to, one day, quit their job, leave everything behind and see the World. not me! Instead of leaving everything, I want my life to be crafted around my wanderlust. Read More »

Lost in Tenerife: a hike in the Lunar Landscape

Tenerife is a Spanish island located east of the coast of Morocco, it is about 81 kilometers long and 45 kilometers wide. It just doesn't sound that impressive to get lost on such a tiny island, I know!! And yet, we did get lost and it was overall an interesting and somehow beautiful experience... Read More »

My dream came true: I was back at Antelope Canyon!

We were driving to Antelope Canyon, finally.... I had been waiting so long to be back and this last stretch of road was building up my excitement... Read More »

Occupy Gezi in Antalya

We stayed in Antalya 3 days after the beginning of the strike in the Gezi park in Istanbul. This is what it was like. Read More »