Travel essential: Shampoo Bar, the only shampoo that won’t spill in your suitcase!

There are a couple things that are mega irritating when travelling and discovering your bottle of shampoo has spilled all over your suitcase is one of them.  Yes, you could have probably prevented this easily, by closing the bottle properly, for example. Or you could travel with a Shampoo Bar.

The best shampoo to travel with - Clay Ritual Shampoo Bar - Check out

The best shampoo to travel with - Clay Ritual Shampoo Bar - Check out

What is the best alternative to regular shampoo when travelling? 

Not washing your hair? Using only water? Using the little shampoo bottle provided by the hotel? All of those are not options I have considered.

I’ve tried the ‘No Poo’ method and I actually enjoyed it, for something like a month. Then I had a trip planned… Suddenly, travelling with a white powder (baking soda for the ones of you who do not know the No Poo method) in an unlabeled container just didn’t seem like the best idea!

So I went back to my regular shampoo.

Since then, I’ve been thinking of shampoo bars and I’ve been meaning to try them but somehow, I haven’t.

Until now…

My dearest friend got me a shampoo bar from Clay Ritual and oh holy guacamole…Why did I not try this before!?

It is just marvelous!


Clay Ritual Shampoo Bar

This Clay Ritual shampoo bar is a little miracle!


Hand-made from bentonite clay, with a few essential oils, it is delightful to use. You just need to rub on your wet hair a few times and wash your hair like you would normally do, with your regular shampoo. It feels soft and gentle and does foam generously. It is easy to rinse which is something I worried a little about, partly because of the clay and partly because of the length of my waves.

Let me tell you that the true miracle happened once my hair were dry. They felt so soft and so light, I had trouble believing it!

Clay has been used for centuries in beauty routine. Different types of clay exist and have their own specific therapeutic properties but they all have in common to be rich in minerals and to drawn toxins & bacteria out of your skin. Despite knowing this and despite using clay mask on my face, I never thought my hair would benefit from a similar treatment. I guess, you learn something new every day and now, I know my scalp is in love 😉

Travel with Shampoo Bar by Clay Ritual - Check out


The Clay Ritual products are made in small batches, from clay extracted in Slovenia.

They are all natural, hand made and only tested on ‘family and friends’! Not animals. As you know me, that is a very important point.


The Clay Ritual Deodorant

Bonus ahead! OK I really wanted to try shampoo bars but have been quite happy with my regular deodorant. However my friend also got me the Clay Ritual Deodorant so I had to try!

It felt weird at first to put the creamy textured deodorant under my harm, although it soon felt like I was also moisturizing this forgotten part of my body, at the same time. Not sure it is the case, but it sure felt good. The smell is pleasant and discret and the texture soft and creamy although it feels a little crunchy at first. Despite the grey color, it leaves no marks and disappears completely, like a moisturizer does.

So far, so good! I’ve been using it for a couple of days and it kept me fresh, for the whole day, with a normal activity level. OK, I haven’t run a marathon so it’s not like I have tested it in extreme conditions! And I’m sorry but I’m not about to do so!!


Travel with a Shampoo Bar by Clay Ritual -


If you are looking for an all natural shampoo bar to put into your suitcase or backpack for your next trip, do check out Clay Ritual. I think you will love it! No more spilled shampoo or else in your suitcase!! ???

I will be placing an order for the detox bath 3 in 1 (Detox Bath, Foot mask & Body scrub) and the Facial Mask! Got to try those for you 😉


One final note: This is not a sponsored post, there is no affiliated links. I just loved the Clay Ritual shampoo and deodorant and thought I should share with you! Hope you will like these too.


Just a bear enjoying life -

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