An enchanting city: Ljubljana in Slovenia

On our one week girls’ trip to Slovenia, we only managed to spent a few hours in Ljubljana. Too many things to do and see and too little time!

I took some random pictures on our last evening and felt they would give a better representation of this magical city in monochrome / black and white. Hope you will like them…

Ljubljana - Slovenia-17



Ljubljana - Slovenia-18

Ljubljana - Slovenia-22

Ljubljana - Slovenia-19

Ljubljana - Slovenia-20

Ljubljana - Slovenia-17


Ljubljana - Slovenia-15

Ljubljana - Slovenia-16

Ljubljana - Slovenia-13 Ljubljana - Slovenia-14

Ljubljana - Slovenia-12


Ljubljana - Slovenia-9

Ljubljana - Slovenia-6

Ljubljana - Slovenia-7

Ljubljana - Slovenia-8

Ljubljana - Slovenia-4

Ljubljana - Slovenia-5

Ljubljana - Slovenia-3

Ljubljana - Slovenia-2


It’s getting too dark… time to go home




Ljubljana - Slovenia-10


Ljubljana - Slovenia-23

Ljubljana - Slovenia-11


If you are planning a visit to Ljubljana, check out the official website:

and check out my post on lake Bled and the the Škocjan Caves for day trips ideas.


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