Road Trip ahead! We are gone Camping!

Hello There!

We are leaving on another epic Road Trip for the month! That’s right, we are just hitting the road and we are so excited!!


Gone Camping! Road Trip - Learn more on


I wanted to let you know, because updates on the blog will be limited during this time.

My brain isn’t going to stop thinking of all the places I want to take you to, but internet connection is most likely going to be limited and prevent me from working too much. It’s really a good thing actually… I need a bit of a detox!!

Fear not, this also means lots and lots of new posts when I’m back and some big changes on RTatW… hush hush… no spoiler!!


Let’s connect on Instagram! 

Meanwhile, you can follow us on Instagram to see what M. A and I are up to during this trip! Don’t forget to say Hi!


Are you planning a Road Trip? 

If you are thinking of going on a road trip but are not sure where to start, fear not! There are quite a few articles on RTatW, that will help you plan the best possible road trip:

If you want to be prepared and need some tips planning, check out this article: How to plan a road trip. You can also check this one out as you will find there, a useful camping gear list to bring along (free printable included!).

Also, if you are worried about the environmental impact of your road trip, here is an article with some advises on how to Green your Ride!

Need some eco friendly supply? You can check this article or browse the Gear section.



Gone Camping! Road Trip - RTatW


In need of inspiration? 

Well, I have a few cool itinerary maps for you! Like this one of Portugal, this one in the US or this very special one in France

There are more already available, just browse around. And there are a lot more coming!


Have you decided to use this summer to improve your photography skills? 

I wrote this little guide on how to use your camera in Manuel Mode. I designed it for Mr A, but you can check it out! 😉



Have a lovely summer!!

Lots of Love, Fun and Road Trips to you!


Miss Coco



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