A Road Trip in Luxembourg: Free printable map for a great itinerary!

Have you ever thought of going on a Road Trip in Luxembourg? My guess is that you haven’t!!

When thinking of road trips, most of us don’t think of Europe and most of us surely don’t think of Luxembourg. Yet, Europe and small countries like Luxembourg, are ideal destinations for easy road trips. Why? For 2 reasons: they are easy to reach & to get around and they have SO much to offer! OK, that’s kind of 3 reasons! There are many more…

Visit the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: a Road Trip in Luxembourg - Free map designed by Miss Coco for www.RoadTripsaroundtheWorld.com


A Road Trip in Luxembourg: The itinerary 

On this road trip in Luxembourg, you will get to see many castles. If you’ve been around, you know how much I love castles and if you haven’t been around, now, you know as well!

Since visiting too many castles can become tiring, I added on this map, my favorite hiking spots and a few extra ‘must see’.


Let’s go, shall we?! 

Start in Luxembourg City and explore the old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. I’ll give you more details on this soon…

Hit the road, and head over to Remich to visit some wine cellars and maybe take a boat trip on the Moselle river.

From there, you can easily do a little detour to Schengen. 

Continue toward Echternach, the oldest town in Luxembourg. Visit the 7th century Abbey, the imposing Romanesque Basilica and the Roman villa.

On your way to the Beaufort Castle, go for a hike in the Mullerthal region. In Beaufort, visit both castles!

On your way to Larochette, do a little detour to see the Mullerthal waterfalls. Visit Larochette Castle.

Continue your trip toward Schoenfels castle (no visit but such a cute castle!).

If you are up for another detour, go see the Useldange Castle.

Stop by Colmar Berg to admire one of the Grand Duke residence.

Continue North and visit the Bourscheid Castle.

Stop by the Brandenbourg Castle.

Visit the Vianden Castle and the Victor Hugo Museum.

Continue your trip North to Clervaux, visit the castle and the abbey.

It is now time to head back South. Continue your trip toward Esch sur Sûre. Enjoy the view! Relax by the lake.
Consider a stop by the Septfontaines Castle and the Koerich Castle.

Go to the Fond de Gras and travel through time on an old steam train, or visit some mines.

In Esch sur Alzette, do not miss the Red Rocks.

In Dudelange, you can visit the Mont Saint Jean Castle.

Your road trip is almost over and it’s time to get back to Luxembourg City.

If you have one more evening in Luxembourg, have diner at the Bourglinster Castle. You will not regret it!


 Road Trip in Luxembourg - Free map designed by Miss Coco for www.RoadTripsaroundtheWorld.com

How long will it take you? 

As usual it depends of your preference and style. One week would be good. 10 days would be better. I suppose you could do it in a day or 2 if you are in a rush and don’t plan to visit anything and just want to see the sites featured.


How to get the free printable version of the map?

You can click on the image above or follow this link: Luxembourg Road Trip Map.

A new window will open with the high resolution pdf of the map. You can save it or print it directly. If using Letter US paper, you may need to center the image to ensure nothing gets cropped.

This is completely free. Hope you enjoy!!



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