Seeking an Adventurous Life when you are not Adventurous

Adventure: a risky undertaking of unknown outcome ; an exciting or remarkable experience.



By definition, an adventure depends of your risk perception.

Some of us consider going to a new restaurant, reading a book by an unknown author or trying almond milk in their latte as risky activities.

Some of us laugh at that and go on their lives, climbing bare hands, the highest skyscraper in the World.

For the later, having a 9/5 job is probably considered the riskiest activity on Earth…

It’s all about perception!!

The common ground is that to have an adventure, you have to step out of your comfort zone.


How to live a more adventurous life when you are not adventurous? 

It’s not as difficult as it seems but it does require a certain commitment. To add some spice to your life,  you should try to do something new or in a new way, everyday.

Here is a list of ideas to inspire you:

      1. Smile to a stranger
      2. Let’s be crazy and say Hello!
      3. Do a handstand to change perspective
      4. Go on a hike
      5. Plan a week-end road trip
      6. Take a road trip!!
      7. Go to a place you’ve never been to. Even if it’s just the other side of your home town.
      8. Try a new activity. Tango, needlepoint, scuba diving or horse back riding anyone?
      9. Learn a new language. Next you’ll probably want to use it and speak to strangers!!
      10. Take a different route to go to work
      11. Use different mode of transports
      12. Try new food. Ethiopian, Vietnamese or Moroccan specialities on the menu tonight?
      13. Book a plane ticket
      14. Plan your next vacation
      15. Reinvent yourself. New haircut? New nail polish color?
      16. Go on a treasure hunt
      17. Try a new sport
      18. Shake up your routine
      19. Get up early and watch the sunrise
      20. Try meditation
      21. Visit a close-by tourist attraction you’ve never been to
      22. Read a motivational book (or 2!)
      23. List the things you want to do in life
      24. Plan to do the things on your list 😉
      25. Be creative. Try something like painting, drawing or scrapbooking
      26. Wonder at the simple things in life like a child
      27. Accomplish one of your goals alone
      28. Be flexible
      29. Volunteer for a cause close to your heart
      30. Congratulate yourself for all your achievements!
      31. Have fun!


Will you travel the World with me? - She asked him -


Note: If you Google ‘How to be more adventurous’ you will find tons of articles on how to be more adventurous with your partner which usually include reading the Kamasutra. That could have been number 32, but it’s entirely up to you!!


Being adventurous doesn’t mean being a jackass.  

It means living your life with an open mind. 

So go ahead and fill your life with adventures.


As Oprah Winfrey said it best:

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.



Go Now!! Adventures await!




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