I forgot to tell you: My blog is available on Amazon!!

My blog has been approved by Amazon a while ago and I forgot to tell you!

Road Trips around the World is now being published as a Kindle Blog and is accessible from the Kindle store!!!



Yes, I am overjoyed and yes some self-congratulating is in order!! lol

So if you haven’t check it out, now seems to be a perfectly good time!! You are of course always welcome to come back here and maybe even enjoy my stories and photography 😉 but if you want to check me out on Amazon, leave a review or even subscribe, I would be honored.

 To find Road Trips around the World on Amazon you can follow this link or click on the image below.

Road Trips around the World on Amazon blog


In case you are wondering, Kindle blogs are blogs published via Amazon and delivered directly to your Kindle. They are available on the Amazon store for sale. Kindle has been offering this service for a while and although it seems weird to pay for something you can access for free on the internet, the great thing is that your favorite Kindle Blogs are auto-delivered directly to your Kindle and available even when you are not connected to the internet. Like a magazine or a book. It’s clever really, isn’t it?

So you should check it out: Road Trips around the World

Did I mention it’s risk free? The Kindle Blog subscription starts with a free 14 days trial and you can cancel at any time during this period.

And it’s only $0.99 per month anyway! That’s quite cheap!

Kindle blogs are only available for the US and the UK. I know it’s a shame. Maybe it will change in the future.


And if you don’t own a Kindle, you can always buy one! It’s really nice and practical especially when travelling!

I used to have a paper white but when it broke I got myself a Kindle Fire HD 7 and I love it. I bought, as a companion to it, a small iPad wireless keyboard and hand crafted a little case where they are together comfy and protected. The keyboard is very useful when I want to work and type long email or blog post.



So I hope you will check it out as I’m really pleased with the progress I made and all the things I learned along the way.

Leave a comment below if you want to congratulate me! 😉

or if you want to know anything else, like how to register your blog with Amazon



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  • November 27, 2015 at 9:20 am

    Congratulation!! That’s realy cool

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