Travel Book suggestion: Will Travel for Vegan Food

What do you do when you are not traveling?

On my side, I dream about travel! I think about all the great places I want to go to, all the things I want to do, see, experience… I fantasize about a year long road trip…. and I read about others’ adventures.

The book I’m currently reading is called: Will Travel for Vegan Food: A Young Woman’s Solo Van-Dwelling Mission to Break Free, Find Food, and Make Love and it’s fantastic! You should read it too if you haven’t! It’s the next Eat, Prey, Love!! Which you should also read if you haven’t!! lol

Will Travel for Vegan Food is the story of Kristin Lajeunesse who  “quit her job, ditched almost all of her belongings, crowdsourced funds, moved into an old van named Gerty, and set out on the road in an effort to eat at and write about every single vegan restaurant in the United States.

It’s an inspiration to follow your own dream, an epic and courageous journey through the US and to herself. It will make you laugh, cry, salivate, applaud and want more.

You do not need to be vegan  to appreciate this book… but beware, it might give you some really bad cravings for vegan food and some serious case of jealousy toward all the vegan foodies out there who get to eat all those delights 😉


Will Travel for Vegan Food is a great book and inspirational story and you should read it!


 Eat, Pray, Love creates some wanderlust effect in me. Love it or hate it!


If you haven’t read the book, you should at least watch the movie. Alternatively just head straight to Bali!!!


In case you are wondering about the featured image, I’d like to confirm it is a picture of Will Travel for Vegan Food displayed on the screen of my Kindle (Fire HD 7). I bought an iPad mini key board which is almost the same size and made a cover to keep them safe! It is very practical and they work great together. 

I try to not buy paper books anymore. It just takes too much space, is too expensive to move and I just feel that electronic books fit my lifestyle better.



Yes those are Amazon affiliated links. I’m very proud that I managed to register & to insert and publish them!! lol

Now, I just hope it actually works…

If you click on them and decide to buy one of the items (or all!!) above, I will get a commission which I will happily save toward the purchase of a new lens for my camera!  So I thank you in advance!!

Despite the fact that I really want a new lens, I would not recommend those books if I did not like them. 



Let me know what you think about these books by commenting below. It’s free!!



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