Useful and Eco Friendly gifts or how to find a gift for moms who have everything!

Mother’s day is approaching super fast and maybe you are still looking for a gift for your mother or the mother of your children? If so, here are some ideas & tips on how to find useful and Eco Friendly gifts which she will enjoy.


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It’s usually super hard to find great gifts that are not too expensive, useful and preferably eco friendly. Especially for people who already have everything they need.

In this post, I’m going to help you think of gif ideas by providing you 3 important tips. These tips should actually work for moms and dads, as well as other family members and friends. I’m including some examples of situations to illustrate my points.




The useful gift that solves  a problem

One way to find a useful gift for a mom is to think of the problems she has, the things she complains about, and find a solution for her.

Here is are examples:

If your mom seems to spend a lot of her time looking for her keys or phone, get her some Tiles. 

Tiles are little trackers you can attach to pretty much anything and which can be located with your phone. Can’t find your phone? Simply double press the button on your Tile to make your phone ring, even when on silent mode. 

Your mom wants her plants to be watered when on vacation and keep asking you, to come over, to do so? 

Find a self watering solution like those hand blow glass globes. Double problems solved, hers and yours! You are welcome!!

Mom tends to lose her glasses? A beautiful chain holder could do the trick.

You get the idea, right? Identify a problem / Find a solution!


The gift she will look forward to use

OK, let’s imagine that the moms in your life have no issues or that their issues wouldn’t be solved by a nice gift!

In this case, consider the plans she has made or wishes to make. If you can’t participate to these plans, maybe you can find for her, some of the accessories she will need? Even if what she is planning will only take place in a few months, gifting her something related to such plans, will help her look forward to what is to come, even more.

Now, if you think her plans are unlikely to come true, maybe giving her a related gift will be the little nudge needed to make it happen.


Again here are some examples:

Mom is dreaming of the day she will be unwinding on a dreamy beaches? 

Maybe you can find beach accessories for her, like this round beach towel (made from organic cotton, of course!).  Perfect for Instagram fashionable moms!

Add some organic sunscreen, package beautifully and you have a sweet gift that she will look forward to use.

This Mineral Sunscreen is SPF 25, water resistant,  non-toxic and vegan.




Mom is planning to buy an electric bike and cycle everyday because she wants to stay in shape and be eco-friendly? 

Find a nice basket for her bike. She can use it to put her purse when riding. Or maybe a cute bell and some safety lights.


Mom is dreaming of learning tango? 

You could get her a ticket to Buenos Air, but it might be a bit expensive and a bit pushy. Instead buy her some dancing clothes, like a fishtail skirt or maybe some hair accessories.


Your goal should be to find a gift that will motivate her to make her dreams come true but not push too hard. Moms have dreams too but Moms are also used to forget about their dreams to make others’ dreams come true. And this often becomes second nature. So help her, but don’t force her!



OK, don’t mind me, I’m inserting in this list something I really want, just to see if Mr A is paying any attention!!! 



I love watching stars and I wish I knew so many more constellations!

See, I have a problem, and here is a solution 😉 easy!!


The gifts based on her activities

If you are looking for a gift for a mom who manages to have time to exercise or has a creative hobby, you are super lucky! You can just tap into this and get her things that she can use for such activity.

Let’s take as an example a mom who manages to do yoga.

You could get her a new yoga mat if hers is tired.

In which case these mats from YogiMall are a perfect choice. Do check them out!!

But don’t just think of the main item(s) related to her activity, think of other accessories she might find useful. In our example of a yogi mom, let’s face it, she probably already has a few yoga mats! So think of other accessories, like blocks and straps. If all fails, another pair of yoga pants will most likely please her!!

For moms who are artsy or have a creative hobby, check their Amazon wishlist, there might be supplies there that they dreams of having!


The go to gift when all fails! 

Mom has it all? Like really all?!


Jewelry can be the answer. No woman who likes jewelry ever said she has too many pieces! 

If you’ve read some of my other post, you already know I love antique jewelry pieces because of their uniqueness. They are really easy to find especially at this time of the year when antique markets are blooming!

But every now and then, less pricey items can make their way to my jewelry box if they are fun, if they have a message or if they are less precious and that I can therefore wear without fearing of loosing them.


If she doesn’t like jewelry, think of activity trackers! 

Not everyone finds Fitbit, Garmin or Apple watch attractive. Thankfully some other options are becoming available and are more feminine looking. The picture above is a Kate Spade Bangle Activity Tracker Bracelet. Worth checking out, don’t you think?

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker is another super good looking option but it apparently comes with a leather strap which is annoying to me!

And if your mom has a certain sense of humor…

And if she needs to blow some steam while maybe learning a few new swear words, this coloring book might be the prefect gift!


But I didn’t give you this advice, ok?!!


I have put together a few posts like this one already so if you are not finding the right ideas here, you may want to check items from this one or this one.




Happy Mother’s Day! 




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